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 I really appreciate companies who sell products that are not only good for the environment, but good for the consumer as well. Nature Bratz is one of those companies.
Nature Brats is owned by Lise van der Vaart and here is her story (from
The idea for all began when I was pregnant with my firstborn and read an article in a health magazine that it takes up to 10 washes before all the chemicals are washed out of baby clothes. I did not want my baby’s sensitive skin to be exposed to that, so I quickly decided that secondhand or organic was the way to go. But I soon realized that organic baby clothing is not a big market in Canada – it is easy to get organic accessories – but not baby clothing – or when I finally found some it was a bit too plain for my taste. My mother, who lives in Denmark where they are years ahead of us when it comes to organic products, decided to help me out by including fashionable European organic baby clothes in her online organic store: She supplied me and her granddaughter (born January 2010) with wonderful soft organic baby clothing and diapers with cute patterns and colors. In May 2011 my mother and I decided that I should take over the organic baby clothing section and open an online store here in Canada to benefit other Canadians that might feel the same as me – and that is how came to life.
I recently found out the benefits of organic cotton and since then I have become weary on what I put on Carter. I am very diligent on washing his clothes, but did you know that even after those ten washes you can never get those chemicals out 100%? Think of all the items that come into contact with your baby: clothes, wash cloths, and receiving blankets.

I received an ImseVimse receiving blanket in ocean to review. This receiving blanket comes in a pack of two and is made of 100% organic cotton. I try to use these receiving blankets as often as possible. I have one that I use as a “sheet” on his miniature playpen that he lays in my office while I blog, and the other I have used as a burp cloth but my favorite use is to swaddle him.
The ImseVimse blanket is very soft, naturally soft to be specific (you can tell just by feeling it that it’s chemical free, the difference is amazing). It feels amazing against my skin, and I feel confident that it’s not going to affect Carter’s sensitive skin.
Before this review I have never heard of ImseVimse, and I’m sure I’m not the only one so here is a little information I found on the Nature Bratz website:
Imse Vimse products have been awarded and internationally appreciated. No chemicals have been used in any of the manufacturing processes, and the manufacturers are checked several times a year, to make sure they fulfill  Oeko-Tex 100 Standards, when it comes to environment, quality and conditions for the employees and to establish that there is no exploit of under age labor.
That sounds like an amazing manufacture. I absolutely love how there are no chemicals use at all during the manufacturing process. The fact that they are checked several times a year, instills my confidence behind this company.
For you eco-friendly mamas who are just starting out, or are veterans, I highly recommend checking out to learn about more organic products that they carry.

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