New You November Get Fit Challenge Group

Get Fit With The New You November Challenge Group

Last night I was going through old Facebook photos with my husband. While looking at the Maui album from a vacation a few years ago I stumbled across a photo that brought on a lot of reflection – and motivation. Motivation to start up another Get Fit Challenge Group.

Beachbody Success Story

The right is me a few months before I had my “aha moment” and found Team Beachbody (back in 2009), the right is the beginning of the month (October 2013). My body has gone through two pregnancies since the photo on the right and few up and downs along the way but here I am now!

If I never said yes to Team Beachbody all those years ago – I would have never seen what my body is capable of. I would have never have got in shape and I would have never started my own health and fitness business. 2013 has been my fittest year and I’m so proud and excited about that.

T25 before and after

My personal results from T25 during July/August.

Now It’s Your Turn

I am looking for 5 individuals who are looking to lose 5 POUNDS OR MORE. 5 people who are sick of the excuses but are looking for support and accountability.

Programs start at $20, there is really something for everyone at every fitness level. All Team Beachbody fitness programs/DVDs apply to this offer. I’m also including Shakeology and The Ultimate Reset because I want EVERYONE to be able to experience the Beachbody difference, regardless of the product. If you’re thinking about a program AND Shakeology, I recommend a Challenge Pack – you can save up to $90. Email me for details or if you would like help picking out a program.

How My Challenge Groups Work

My challenge groups are open to all new customers and individuals who are currently seeking a Beachbody Coach (meaning they do not have a relationship with their current one or don’t have a free Team Beachbody Account).

It’s simple:

  1. Purchase the program or Shakeology or Challenge Pack that you wish to change your lifestyle with.
  2. Email me or send me a message on Facebook letting me know that you did. I will then add you to the challenge group (which is ran on Facebook).
  3. During the duration of the group (30 day challenge) you will report in each day with what workout you did, any challenges you faced (and how you over came them), and a positive of the day.
  4. Once a week weigh in/measurements (optional, but recommended)
  5. It’s YOUR group! Feel free to post any questions, motivational photos, and it’s always great to provide general support and establish relationships with your challenge mates.

After purchasing your program from my Team Beachbody Store (hit shop) I will become your FREE coach. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions, need advice or just want to chat about your new lifestyle. I’m here to help you succeed! Have a Team Beachbody account already, but don’t have a coach or a relationship with one? Here’s how I can be your coach.

I will only be accepting 5 people for this group so secure your spot now.

8 comments on “New You November Get Fit Challenge Group”

  1. I think both your before and after pics look great. Being healthy is what is important and you looked great in both

  2. Randa you look awesome 🙂 Congrats! (me..I’m sitting here eating my 3 cheese pasta lunch, lol).

  3. I just started working out as I have a free membership at work. It’s important to stay fit and active especially if you sit all day like me. Thanks for sharing and love the before and after photos! You look great!

  4. I have waaaayyyy more thank 5 lbs to loose! lol Sounds like you have a great thing going here and you look fantastic!

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