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Strawberry rhubarb pie filling recipe. This simple recipe goes great in parfaits, turnovers and pie!

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling

I have a few strawberry rhubarb recipes coming up over the next two weeks on the blog, so I thought it would be appropriate to share a recipe for homemade strawberry rhubarb pie filling.

6 meal prep tips for busy families. Meal prepping is a great way to stay healthy and sane. The Bewitchin' Kitchen teamed up with Chef Cory Vitiello and Catelli to bring these helpful dinner tips. |

6 Meal Prep Tips For Busy Families

To keep myself sane in the kitchen I like to do a weekly meal prep. Meal prep is where you cook or “prep” a few items ahead of time to make your life easier.

Paleo Meal Plan - If you're looking for paleo recipes THIS is a must pin! Paleo breakfasts, paleo lunch and paleo dinner recipes are planned for you for a week. Plus there are paleo desserts and paleo snacks too!

Paleo Meal Plan – 1 Week Of Yummy, Healthy Meals

Every week I make time to sit down and menu plan. This week, I decided to make a paleo meal plan and while I was doing it I realized that this is something that...

This recipe for healthy chocolate crepes is gluten free and grain free. It's filled with a protein packed greek yogurt and whipped cream mixture and topped with raspberries and dark chocolate. Add this to your healthy breakfast recipes and healthy dessert recipe board!

Healthy Chocolate Crepes {Gluten and Grain Free}

A breakfast I make often is banana pancakes, the ones that are 2 eggs and 1 banana. However, they’re usually pretty thin and the other morning I was inspired to make healthy chocolate crepes...

25 peanut butter treats to feast on. Treat your sweet tooth with these famous chocolate and peanut butter dessert recipe combinations.

25 Decadent Peanut Butter Treats

If you’re a sucker for peanut butter recipes, the peanut butter treats will totally rock your world! Celebrate your favorite snack by dressing it up in all of these delicious peanut butter treats. Which...

THE BEST CHILI EVER - Super lean and healthy chili recipe from Teena's Fitness. Ground chicken or ground turkey works well with this healthy recipe.

Super Lean Chili Recipe from Feel Like a Fitness Model Cookbook

I have a new health and fitness must have for all of you, it’s a cookbook. The cookbook is titled Feel Like a Fitness Model written by Teena Gudjonson and it has some of...

15 books that make potty training boys easier from The Bewitchin' Kitchen.

15 Potty Training Books For Boys

I’m in the midst of potty training. There has been a lot of ups and downs, breakthroughs, and setbacks. In all honesty, it’s been a very frustrating process. So why not lighten it up...

Maple Sriracha Stir Fry

Maple Sriracha Stir Fry

This Maple Sriracha Stir Fry was a huge victory! Not only did I have this dinner done from prep to plate in under 20 minutes – but it was a huge success. I love...

15 Very Cherry Breakfast Recipes - delicious round up of cherry recipes to start your day off right. Everything from decandant to healthy breakfast ideas. Gluten free, paleo and vegan recipes included. | The Bewitchin’ Kitchen

15 Very Cherry Breakfast #Recipes

It won’t be much longer and cherry season will be upon us. I have been blessed with having four cherry trees in my back yard, and over the past two years of living here...

Homemade Paleo BBQ Sauce - this is super easy to make and tastes delicious. Add it to all of your paleo recipes. Tastes great with chicken, turkey and beef. Sure to be a summer bbq recipe favourite. | The Bewitchin’ Kitchen

Paleo BBQ Sauce

Last week I thought I was close to summer (yes, I know it was still January then) but all the snow had melted and I was dreaming of summer bbq’s. Then snowmageddon happened, so...