How To Paint a Kitchen Table With Chalk Based Paint


My kitchen table is straight out of the late ’90s. I bought it for $50 back when my (now) husband and I first moved to Alberta. It wasn’t pretty, so last year when we came back to BC I went on a whim and spray painted it. That was a mistake.

As you can tell with the above photo, it didn’t last. To paint a kitchen table (and seal with) with spray paint is a bad idea. It’s easy but bad. It always remained tacky and would take pieces of whatever was laying on it (in the photo you can see outlines of bowls, boxes), it would also trap dust to the point that I couldn’t scrub it off.

I’ve been planning for months to paint it with Country Chic Paint, but I was nervous. I’m not sure why it’s not like I had nothing to lose but I didn’t want to ruin it even further. I finally just had to do it (like all of my projects).
I started off with sanding it. I didn’t sand it all the way, just scuffed off most of the spray poly I applied over a year ago. I didn’t get it all off, I had a child screaming and I just wanted to get the first coat on.


I wanted to keep the table black, so I used Country Chic Paint’s chalk and mineral based paint in “Liquorice”.


I could notice a huge different in just the first coat. I used a foam roller to apply the paint. The finish was velvet smooth.


I only applied two coats, letting it dry for two hours in between the two.

I love how fast this project was!


Instead of finishing it with the traditional wax, I needed something stronger and more durable to the everyday abuse kitchen tables take. CCP’s Tough Coat is perfect for projects such as kitchen tables.

This scratch-resistant, water-based topcoat has a very low odor and it will not discolor the paint. The finish is crystal clear and resistant to household chemicals, alcohol and water. It dries quickly (without staying tacky), and is environmentally friendly, with easy soap and water clean-up.

It is recommended that you use the Tough Coat with a foam brush, but I used a foam roller and did notice some lap lines. I did two coats, letting it dry an hour before I did the second coat. I then let it cure for 24 hours before I put my table runner back on (along with using it). It is recommended that you allow it to fully cure for a week until you put heavy surfaces (ornaments, fruit bowls, etc) back on.

I’m very happy with the end results, and I couldn’t believe how easy this project truly was. After I finished the table I painted my kitchen chairs to match.

The table wipes clean very easily and I love how waterproof the Tough Coat is.

Here is one more look of the finished table:




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3 comments on “How To Paint a Kitchen Table With Chalk Based Paint”

  1. Looks great! Nice fresh coat of paint to bring it back to life!

  2. WOW…it looks amazing. I will have to look in to the the Tough Coat….I am looking for something durable and strong to finish my table with.

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