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The Pouchee Story
It was Christmas, 2004. At our usual Christmas Eve family celebration I opened the gift from my oldest son. It was a great, trendy shoulder bag which I loved but knew I would never use. There were no pockets, just one, big, empty bag. I had to have my pockets to organize my purse. I would normally spend days looking for just the right organizer purse with all the right compartments. Of course once I organized it I would certainly never switch purses, no matter how bad it looked with my outfit. It was just way too much trouble. “If only I had a way to stay organized and change purses,” I thought. The search was on. I looked in stores and websites but found nothing that satisfied me. The pouchee® idea was born.
I have a few many purses, but I normally rely on one. It has major wear and tear and doesn’t match every outfit have I tend to wear. I would love to use my other purses more often, but the truth is I’m too lazy to swap all my items from purse to purse.
Now I have Pouchee.
Pouchee is a portable purse organizer insert that is making the lives of women easier (and more fashion forward). When you swap purses, you only have to change one thing (the insert). That’s it, you’re not digging around for your pens, mirrors, nail files, etc.
I was sent the red Cotton Pouchee to review. I was pleasantly surprised to see how durable the Pouchee is. The Cotton material is thick and doesn’t break (I held on each side and pulled to see if it would rip and nothing happened).
My Pouchee in my Miche Bag
I was happy to learn that the Pouchee Purse Organizer has compartments on the inside and out. On the exterior of the Pouchee will you find a section for your credit cards, and more pockets for your miscellaneous items like cell phones (the one even fits my iPhone), pens, sunglasses, etc. On the inside there are some divided compartments and a zippered pocket to keep your valuables safe. There is a magnetic enclosure that keeps everything shut and secure.The Pouchee comes in different materials and collections: Cotton, Outback (faux leather), Pouchee Plus and The Posh Collection.

 For more information, visit Pouchee’s website and be sure to “Like” Pouchee on Facebook and Follow Pouchee on Twitter.

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  1. I like the Outback version.

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  2. I like the Pouchee Plus

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  3. I like the Ladybug design from the posh collection.

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  4. i like the cotton pouchy in purple
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  5. I like the outback pouchee purse organizer in RED. it is very nice!

  6. I love the houndstooth pouchee!

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  7. Lovin it in pink!

  8. I like the Outback!


  9. I loved the Outback in tan!

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