Project Life: My Newest Obsession

Project Life Newborn

I have a new obsession. It’s called Project Life, and it has changed the way I do memory keeping.

Project Life Baby Boy Album

We Are Memory Keepers Baby Blue Leather Binder from Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle

Actually, I need to re-phrase my previous statement. It’s called Project Life, and because of it I have started memory keeping.

That’s better.

I had $100’s of scrap-booking supplies, and I finally sold the majority of it this summer. As much as I love the look of handcrafted 12×12 pages, finding the time (and patience) to do them does not happen. I used to be really into it but that was before The Bewitchin’ Kitchen, The Everyday Domestic, starting my fitness business with Beachbody, and being a mom! See? I have a lot on my plate and spending a good half hour to an hour on ONE page – it’s just not going to happen.

So up until recently, I didn’t have a single photo of my now almost-two-year-old son in an album. Actually, I didn’t have many even printed.

Insert the mom guilt here.

Then my wonderful friend, Katie, started telling me about Project Life and how much of a game changer it was. When I first searched it, I wasn’t entirely thrilled. I still preferred the 3D look of traditional scrap-booking, but the more I looked the more I wanted to give it a try.

I live on The North Coast of British Columbia, the nearest Michaels is 6 1/2 hours away, and I found Amazon to be a rip off. After a few searches I came across a site that services Canada and the UK, it’s called Scrapbooker’s Inner Circle. So I bought a few things and it arrived within a week.

I have a few goals with Project Life in 2014:

  1. Create an album for Carter’s first year.
  2. Create a 2014 album, where I memory keep weekly.
  3. Create my wedding album (I was married in 2006, it’s time I get on this).

Sure I need to create an album for 2013, catch up on my Hawaii vacations, and many other events but I’m going to concentrate on my three tasks first. My number one priority is Carter’s Baby Album.

Project Life Baby

It is so easy to do. You have your page protectors divided into a layout (there are many to chose from) and you simply insert your photos and the cards from Project Life and other brands. You can have image cards, journaling cards, and you can use creative items too (Christmas cards are a great idea for a title page). Project Life is a personal preference.

Project Life Newborn Album

Here are my starter pages:

Baby Canuck
Central Alberta Ronald McDonald House
NICU BABY Project Life
Project Life Layout
Project Life Me and Daddy

In the time it would have taken me to do one traditional scrap-booking page, I did over 20 Project Life pages.

Do you memory keep?

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15 comments on “Project Life: My Newest Obsession”

  1. Thank you for this post. I have so many scrapbook supplies, it’s crazy. Although I loved scrapbooking, I just don’t have the time to do it.

    I have created a book similar to the one you did, but I used my scrapbook supplies for accents. It took time, but was much quicker than traditional scrapbooking. I didn’t realize there were pre-created cards etc.

    How did you sell your supplies?


    • I sold on a buy and sell on Facebook Lisa 🙂 I still have a baby boy kit and album I need to get rid of. I may try ebay for that one. OR if I run out of cards, I may just cut some of the paper and use it.

  2. I have books upon books of photos and mementos for my oldest daughter and nothing for my younger kids. You are not kidding when you say there just isn’t time anymore. Good for you for finding an alternative!

  3. Looks fantastic! I love scrapbooking but rarely get time to do it anymore.
    Love the way everything comes together so easily.

  4. What a beautiful project. I love the pictures and it is so priceless to have those kind of memories!

  5. Oh those NICU photos… they looks so familiar to my own with my DS. And like you I have lots of scrap booking supplies…. in a box… that I have not opened in YEARS. Love this idea to create a memory book that does not take hours to do.

    • It makes it so much easier, Kate. I also have big envelope pages where I can put his “mementos” from the NICU. I kept everything – even his leads lol.

  6. I like this idea. I always loved the IDEA of scrapbooking but not the actual DOING of it. LOL this is more my speed.

  7. Hey! So you have 2 sites 🙂 How awesome!!!
    Ughhh I hate scrapbooking,but this looks awesome! I may have to jump on this 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my bloggy! I’m glad to have found another bloggy friend!

  8. I’m a scrapbooker that is way behind on “life.” I recently just heard about “Project Life” and seriously need to look into it more. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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