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High school was so much fun. The dances, get-togethers, prom and grad really made it memorable. What I miss the most is getting dressed up and ready for those events. It was always a ball to get the girls together and get dolled up. It’s something that I will never grow out of.

Prom dresses have only gotten better over time, I am so jealous of the amazing styles girls today can choose from. Every year there are different colors that are in “style” and over the last few years of viewing prom pictures from friends and family on Facebook I would have to say my favorite would be the monochromatic deep colors.
Where I come from, our high school has a population of about four hundred students (all from the grades eight to twelve), so prom was an annual tradition from the age of thirteen. For four years I was able to indulge in long dresses, short prom dresses, and all sorts of different styles. For a girly-girl like me, it was pure heaven. However, prom was never the “big thing”, so the dresses were never over the top, we saved the extravagant dresses for graduation.
I wish I heard of when I was shopping for my grad dress. Instead of spending over $800 on my dress, I could have found a beautiful dress for about $200-$500 (they even have some under $100 – which is perfect for prom, especially if it’s an annual event like how it was for me).
Just because high school is now over for me (and has been for almost six years, wow time sure flies) doesn’t mean that I no longer have an excuse to get dressed up and ready for a fun night out. I think would be a great place to visit for bridesmaid dresses. There are so many styles that would be perfect for weddings today.
There is also a large selection of fun cocktail dresses, or even formal dresses, for Valentines Day, an office party or another special occasion to choose from at I love the little black dress on the left of this post. I think it’s a great all purpose dress. You can use it for date night, girls night out or even homecoming. doesn’t just limit your formal and fun wear to dresses. You will also be able to find accessories to complete your look from jewelry to shoes. My favorite feature about’s accessory selection? The price. Everything you need for your special day is under one hundred dollars.
For more information, please visit’s website.
I encourage all of you to visit’s Facebook page and become a fan. There is a free dress giveaway that is ran once a month on their fan page. Once you register, you may enter.
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  1. How cool! Wish they had this when I was in high school!

  2. I could have used this at my school dances!

  3. They have beautiful Jewelry too! Great for a wedding or any special occasion!

  4. Thanks for the give away

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