Quantum Scale – Review & Giveaway

Losing weight can really play on your emotions. When you see that number go down, you’re beyond thrilled but if it doesn’t work out the way that you want it can be your more stressful moment of the day. I have noticed there is so much negativity towards losing weight. “Oh I have to go on a diet”, “I’m going to have to run to work this meal off”, etc. And lets face it, the majority of people hate stepping on the scale.

I have working with Quantum Scale on a review of the last little while and it’s a great weight loss tool. The Quantum Scale has been featured on Dr.OZ, Tyra, Bonnie Hunt and a few other shows as well. Quantum does not focus on your weight. It focus’s on your progress with your weight loss (or gain) journey.

It’s easy to use. You just need to hit the program button at the top, step on the scale and Quantum records your weight (without you seeing it). Then the next time you go to “weigh” yourself it will either tell you if you + (gained) or – (lost) and it also tells your how many pounds you have lost or put on.

The only thing I can think of that I would like to see improved on is the fact that Quantum is only able to be used by one person. Quantum can only remember one person’s weight and no one else is able to use it. 


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