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 Every once in a while I will come across an amazing product sent to me for a review. A product so phenomenal that it literally changes the way I do things. Rockin’ Green Soap is one of those life changing products for me and I cannot wait to share all the details with you.
To be a “life changing product” for me is a big deal, and to become that big of a deal is reliant not only on product effectiveness but on customer support as well. I definitely recommend checking out Rockin’ Green’s website when you are done reading this review, what you will learn will blow your mind.
About Rockin’ Green
Originally founded in 2009 by Kim Webb (an avid cloth diapering mom who desired a better way to clean cloth diapers and treat her kid’s sensitive skin), Rockin’ Green is an award-winning manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning products designed to make cleaning easier and greener. Most well-known for their clean-rinsing laundry detergent formulated for use on all fabrics and especially useful on cloth diapers, Rockin’ Green produces detergents for hard, soft and normal water conditions (known as Hard, Soft and Classic Rock varieties). Rockin’ Green also carries Funk Rock, a first-of-its kind natural ammonia bouncer, and Melody, an odor-neutralizer and air freshener home spray. With the exception of Funk Rock, all products come in seven natural scents, such as Mighty Mighty Marshmallow, Earth Wind & Orchids, Rage Against the Raspberry, and Bare Naked Babies (unscented). 

For those of you who are unaware you cannot use your typical laundry soap when it comes to washing cloth diapers. From what I understand it is because of the PH levels and ingredients in other laundry detergents. Those other soaps can cause build ups (which leads to rashes and less absorbancy) and odors and I don’t want to forget to mention that they can wear down your diaper (which is something I want to avoid entirely since cloth diapers are not the cheapest thing to buy initially).

I also want to point out that it is recommended that you use a gentle “made for baby” laundry detergent when it comes to washing your baby’s laundry (clothes, towels, bedding, etc). Your baby’s skin is very sensitive in the beginning stages and most laundry detergents have a lot of chemicals and other yucky things in it that can disturb it. I know this statement brings a lot of opinions out, but just go with me on this one. With all that being said I used Rockin’ Green to wash all of my baby’s laundry. Being that it is HE approved (suitable for my high efficiency front loaders) and that I figured it was good enough for cloth diapers and baby’s gentle bottoms I came to the conclusion it would be safe for all of baby’s skin. I did a little bit of research before I took the plunge and I was right.
 Rockin’ Green isn’t just for baby’s either. I have extremely sensitive skin and have tried ever detergent there is and I always break out in hives or get incredibly itchy, after a few loads of Rockin’ Green all this discomfort has disappeared! For the first time in years – this is HUGE for me!

You don’t need to use much to get results. All you need is about 1-2 tbsps and you’re set, which makes your laundry soap last quite a while (up to 90 loads). Rockin’ Green also comes in many great scents (that are not harmful to baby) such as: Smashing Watermelons, Rage Against The Raspberries, Motley Clean, Earth Wind & Orchids, Lavender Mint Revival and Bare Naked Babies. See a theme there? I didn’t know at first that the scented varieties were okay for babies until after I chose the unscented to review (Bare Naked Babies) but I received a sample of the Smashing Watermelon and it smells amazing. It’s unlike any laundry soap I have ever used in more ways then one.

Earlier I stated that to be a life changing company for me, it needs to be about more then just the product. Visit Rockin’ Green’s website and you will be educated (let me tell you). I was concerned about washing cloth diapers in my front loaders and wasn’t quiet sure how to do it. Well, the Rockin’ Green website has a cloth diaper frontloader database that breaks down the instructions to suit each specific model’s needs, so you can get the best wash for your machine. Amazing! There is a huge FAQ section that answers any question you may have. I also signed up for the 52 weeks of clean newsletter, where I receive cleaning tips from other people every week. Did you know that Rockin’ Green makes a great floor cleaner? I still have to try it, but it’s great tips like these that have me coming back for more.

For more information on this amazing product, please visit

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  1. They have formulas for hard water!

    cmcosman at yahoo dot com

  2. I learned that there is more than just one CD detergent. There is regular, soft, and hard. Just need to figure out which one I have 😉

    eapannone at yahoo dot com

  3. Rockin Green is the only detergent I use for my cloth diapers!

  4. Love that they have the US map showing what type detergent you probably need for your water type.

    Hannah D [email protected]

  5. I leaned that they use essential oils to scent their detergent. Love that.
    [email protected]

  6. I wish I would have discovered rockin’ green detergent earlier- there is nothing better for cloth diapers.

  7. I love Rockin’ Green! I have very hard water and I love that the Hard Rock keeps my clothes from getting mineral buildup. I also loved getting to use that to get ready for my newborn instead of using Dreft. That stuff is so stinky! I am really loving the Sport Rock formula these days, for all of our workout gear. I know I can count on Rockin’ Green to get all the sweat and stink out!

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