6 Ways To Save This Black Friday Online

6 Ways To Save This Black Friday

It’s almost here, the busiest shopping day of the year. Make sure you get the most bang for your buck with my Black Friday tips for shopping online.


This alone saved me a ton last year. If you haven’t heard of Ebates yet, pay attention becase you need this in your life. Head to Ebates and find the store you want to shop at, click on it and that’s it. You will get cash back after your purchase is made. The cash you receive back will be paid via PayPal or cheque.

Last year on Black Friday Ebates had double cash back on many retailers I shop at: Bath and Body Works, Apple, Hotels, Amazon and Walmart. There will also be a few stores with huge cash back savings (like 10%, 20% cash back). Last Black Friday I received over $150 in cash back plus a free hotel stay (from booking a 10 day stay with Hotels) and since then my total cash back is $206, it pays to shop with Ebates – literally!

Airmiles Shops

Airmiles Shops works similar to Ebates, as you visit the site and then click on the store you want to shop at. Instead of receiving cash back, you will be awarded with Airmiles reward miles.

Coupon Codes

When shopping online this Black Friday ALWAYS search for a coupon code. In fact, you should be doing this every time you shop online. It doesn’t take much effort simply Google “STORE NAME HERE Coupon Code” or “promo code”. Retail Me Not is usually where I find mine but other sites like Coupons.com can help you out as well. By doing a quick two minute search before I checkout I have received free jewellery, clothes and other product plus big savings!

Find Mail In Rebates

Sometimes the item you buy online will also have a “mail in rebate” offer. Which means that when you receive or pay for your product, you fill out a form and submit it to the manufacturer. Sometimes this requires a little work such as heading to the manufacturers website and searching for the form yourself. Another good idea is to Google the product you bought and see if there is a mail in rebate. I did that once with my Kitchen Aid mixer and received a $75 mail-in rebate offer!

Shop Around

Just because one store is featuring a product at a “blow out price”, don’t always believe the hype. Shop the competitors, take into account shipping and handling. You can also find deal sites that sell the brands you love like Thread Up (up to 90% off clothing brands you already love), Beyond The Rack, Groupon and Zulily. (You can also “double dip” by going to Ebates before shopping at those stores).

Beware Of Impulse Buys

We’re all guilty of doing it, seeing an item at a great price and buying it and then having immediate buyers remorse. It’s a waste of money! I like to scan all the Black Friday flyers a few days before the event and that way it gives me a few days to think it over. Most major chains like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart will release their deals online roughly a week in advance.

What are you shopping for this Black Friday?

Here are some Black Friday Deal pages:

Amazon.com Black Friday Deals and Amazon.ca Black Friday Deals (some deals are available now).


8 comments on “6 Ways To Save This Black Friday Online”

  1. I’m so excited for Black Friday, can’t wait. I’ll be buying items for the kiddos. My son wants the new Disney Infinity 2.0, so I’m hoping I can save a few bucks on that. I love your tips, especially to shop around and not settle for just one store, especially online since price matching isn’t an option.

  2. I have thought about joining eBates but haven’t got around to doing it. And I should start collecting Airmiles. That would be very helpful. Cannot wait to see what the sales are like this year. I still have no idea what to get my kids for Christmas. It seems as though they have everything already.

  3. Sad news: I used to combine ebates + shop.ca coupons for MAXIMUM savings, but on my most recent purchase, you had to choose between using ebates OR a coupon code.

  4. Thanks for reminding me about Black Friday, as I’d completely forgotten! It’s a much preferable time to shop in my opinion, than on Boxing Day. I’ll be looking for Christmas presents for the kids, naturally.

  5. Had to come back here (after reading your facebook post this afternoon,) to say that thanks to you, I actually remembered to us ebates.ca this evening when I made a purchase on shop.ca, WOOT! This girl saved an extra 10%, lol! Am book marking your page in hopes that it’ll remind me on how to save again for black friday too! <3

    • YAY! I love how I helped you save money 🙂 Get your phone to remind you “Aeryn use ebates” every hour or so on the 28th 😉 lol

  6. I can’t wait for Black Friday, it’s going to be such a great day!

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