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I have some exciting news to fill you all in on: Shoppers Drug Mart has made living a healthier lifestyle easier for you to accomplish. As exciting as that is, that’s not all: I’m helping them.

Shoppers Drug Mart has introduced a Media Hub to provide you with tips, advice and knowledge on a variety of health and wellness issues. Think of it as a health resource, or “health hub”. On top of this Shoppers Drug Mart has reached out to a few Canadian bloggers to help make us all healthier and happier.

As I mentioned above, I was selected as one of those bloggers. I was chosen to write about digestive health, a health problem that many of us has faced a time or two in our lives.


You can find my tips and advice on Improving Digestive Health here on the Shoppers Drug Mart Media Hub.

The Giveaway

You guys, I have some exciting news! Shoppers Drug Mart is putting together a little digestive health package for one of my readers. You could win the following:

  • Life Brand Calcium Antacid, Regular Strength, 150 chewable tablets
  • Life Brand Stomach Relief Chewable Tablets, 48 tablets
  • Life Brand Bismuth, 230ml
  • $25 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card

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40 comments on “Shoppers Drug Mart Media Hub #GetTheMostOutofLife”

  1. Toss the pop – my doctor just advised me of this on Wednesday. I have cut one out so far..and it’s hard….

  2. Toss the soda was great !!!

  3. The Toss the Soda tip. There is way to much sugar in that!~

  4. toss the soda

  5. Toss the soda and drink more water

  6. I like the “Toss the soda”.,I actually don`t drink hardly any soda,,but I could use the tip “No more junk”..I don`t do so well on that one!!

  7. I like the Toss the soda tip.

  8. My favourite is Toss The Soda.

  9. The Toss the Soda tip. There is way to much sugar in that!

  10. I like the Eat a high fibre diet article. I always have to remind myself how important this is

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