Silver Lining Wordless Wednesday W/Linky

Disaster Reno

If you’re interested in a quick run down on how this happened, you can find it over on my other blog – The Bewitchin’ Kitchen. It was a fun weekend…

Silver lining: I finally got rid of my “Beauty & The Beast” window.

Linky below.

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Randa Derkson

I believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether it’s discussing your day, sharing the highlights of your trip, or just having quality time with a loved one; lives are brought together at the kitchen table.

15 comments on “Silver Lining Wordless Wednesday W/Linky”

  1. That IS a silver lining, love the new door. Perhaps I should stage a tiny accident ….. bwaaaa!

  2. Oh good… now I see the silver lining and that you kept your good spirits!!!
    xo ~kim & chloe @

  3. Oh dear! That’s one way to get a new door!

  4. OH, no! Guess its nice that there was a silver lining. Your new window is very nice. 🙂 Did your brother get the couch out, at least? Would hate for that to happen and you still can’t get the couch out.

  5. lol…the new door is beautiful Randa…the old door, not so much!

  6. I like the new door but ouch! to the way you had to replace it. I’ma new reader, your blog is gorgeous!

  7. The new glass is nice too, but I loved the beautiful flower more…

  8. Oh my! You must have an incredible amount of patience to be able to write (and laugh) about this…I think I’d still be freaking out! So glad everything got figured out and your couches are gone and your window fixed! 🙂

  9. Aww man, this is the worst! I despise moving furniture cuz you know something bad is bound to happen. I’m glad you were able to get a new door that you like better. I guess sometimes it takes a door ripping event to get to the silver lining 🙂

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