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Sisters Leap Tea is owned and operated by Theresa Banks-Edin and Jacquelynne Mann, sisters-in-law who live in Western Canada. Enjoying the relaxing benefits of tea and tisanes together while our lively kids played led us to starting on our business.
Sisters Leap Tea sources their products from within the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) using Canadian importers where possible. ETP regulates and monitors the living, working and health conditions of workers on tea plantations around the world.
So what is the difference between loose leaf tea and tea bags? I personally believe the tea tastes better, but that could just be my opinion. Loose leaf tea is a premium grade of tea and it can have higher levels of poly-phenols and antioxidants (these are not normally found in bagged tea), so I believe it’s healthier too! To prepare loose leaf tea all you need is a strainer (to strain as you pour) or an infuser. It’s easy.I was sent a variety of samples from Sisters Leap Tea and I love each and every one! The top three I’m going to focus on for the review are perfect for this time of year: The All Hallow’s Eve collection. I was sent the Vampire Kiss, Twice Bitten and Caramel Apple. I’m going to start with Vampire Kiss. It has vanilla cream black tea with chocolate pieces, it is my indulgence of the day and my favorite of the All Hallow’s Eve collection. Twice Bitten is a caffeine-free rooibos with chili and chocolate (another great one). The first one I have ran out of is the Caramel Apple. The scent drives me wild (in a good way) it smells just like the delectable dessert and tastes amazing as well. It’s a caramel black tea with apple pieces. The All Hallow’s Eve blends are custom created by Sisters Leap Tea and only retail for $12.75!

Christmas is coming and I recommend the Sisters Leap Tea Stocking Stuffer Gift Pack! For only $10 you will receive the following: peppermint herbal tisane and an “Empress” tea straining and steeping instructions (I love the steeping instructions before this I never knew each tea has a different steeping time for optimal flavor). What a great gift for teachers, office gift exchanges, coaches, etc.

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