Skinny Gut Diet Results #SkinnyGutDiet

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Skinny Gut Diet for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have been following The Skinny Gut Diet lifestyle plan for six weeks now, and it’s time to share my Skinny Gut diet results.

If you haven’t heard of the Skinny Gut Diet yet, it’s something I urge you to try. Especially if you’re tired, finding that you’re intolerant to certain foods, want better skin or want to lose weight. This “diet” (I hate that word) was created by Brenda Watson and has helped me a lot.

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Skinny Gut Results: Skin

The first thing I want to touch base on is the last thing I expected to experience: my skin has never been so soft! I have noticed that my makeup application is smoother, and that my skin just looks better. I chalk that up to the additional fats I have been adding to my diet.

Skinny Gut Results: Energy

I don’t have a thyroid and I have adrenal fatigue, so energy has been a tough one for the past year. I don’t have heaps of energy but I have noticed a steady and gradual increase, it’s enough where I feel motivated to get out and take a daily walk. I’ll take it.

Skinny Gut Results: Weight Loss

When I first started the Skinny Gut Diet I was bouncing between 144-147 lbs. The day I started, I was 147 even. Last week I was able to maintain the weight of 137.6, which is a miracle. I haven’t seen that number in quite a while. The scale isn’t everything, I know, but it feels good to reach goals and have my jeans fit again. I have a few more pounds to go to get to where I once was, but it’s certainly do-able. As I write this I’m 139.4 and I’m okay with that. I had 4 days of travel where I certainly divulged in foods I don’t usually eat and I went off the “skinny gut grid” for the most part.

What I did do was take my probiotic still every day, and I think that’s why my weight gain was so little (seriously, I’m used to gaining 6-7 pounds in a long week). I still brought high fiber snacks (almonds) for in between hankerings and that kept me away from the food court in the mall and “treats” that I didn’t actually want.

Something else I didn’t expect with my Skinny Gut Results is the fact that my cravings have gone down, and I’m not as hungry as I used to be. It’s wonderful to be able to listen to my body and hear it. I’m slowly separating my brain from my stomach and my want from my need.

Skinny Gut Results: Allergies

I still get hives almost daily, and I do still take an antihistamine every other day. That being said, my hives are not near as bad as they used to be. The fact that my antihistamines can be controlled again says a lot. I was not expecting to be “cured” from my allergies. With how damaged my gut is, I know that this is not just a 6 week program and that there is a lot more to heal. However, I’m off to a great start.

Ultimately I feel like The Skinny Gut Diet has changed the way I approach food. I’m now concentrating more on fiber, when before that was never something I worried about. I now take probiotics, incorporate fermented foods (kefir) and am more aware of the sugar I am ingesting.

This has definitely been a life changing experience.

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9 comments on “Skinny Gut Diet Results #SkinnyGutDiet”

  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I need to check this diet as I need to shed some pounds. I love that it gives you energy

  2. You look great Randa. I like that this diet has helped you realize a gradual increase in energy levels. That’s an important one for me.

  3. You are looking good girl! I love how dedicated you are and I have been following your entire journey! Keep up the good work and I need to get this book!

  4. UMMMM…I already thought you were super skinny so I am shocked that it has still made more of a difference. I need to read this actually. I am battling a few extra pounds right now that I’d love to ditch.

    • I have a lot of health problems that have my weight resembling a roller coaster. I’m getting back to normal though, slowly but surely.

      It’s a great way to help shake the sugar cravings.

  5. Wow! Great results — you look fantastic. I love that you noticed a difference in your skin even.

  6. That’s totally how I grew up. And to this day I lick my plate clean, even seconds or thirds. Hard habit to break.

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