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This is my first (of many) posts about Smead products. September is the month that kicks off Operation Organomics. The goal of this blogging campaign is to help people get their lives organized (and let’s not forget, to keep it that way). All by following some easy steps and tips.
Did you know:
·        More Americans use conventional organizational products such as wall calendars (35 percent), checklists (28 percent) and filing systems (11 percent) versus electronic devices (26 percent).
·        85 percent of Americans are more likely to do things if they are listed on a checklist.
·        Half of Americans feel the most organizational stress between the holiday months of October and December.
To start off Operation Organomics I was sent the Stadium File Organizer and the Super Tab folders to review. The two of these put together produces a great organizing system! I’ll start with the Super Tab folders.The Super Tab folders are a minimum 10% post-consumer recycled content and they fit in all file drawers! There are 24 letter size and they have 1/3 cut tables. What I really liked about the Super Tab folders are so easy to label. With a 90% larger label area, the Super Tabs will also be easy to find in your filing system.

I put the Super Tab folders into the Stadium File. I love, love, love the Stadium File. The Stadium File brings a new level of organization to your workspace. The file holders are tiered (for easy viewing). That way you will never have to frantically search for your dental records! There are a total of 12 tiered pockets keep papers visible on you desktop and they are the proper size to hold file folders and/or documents. I also love how the Stadium File is fully-lined with Tyvek side guessets, so it adds more durability. The Stadium File also comes with labels (A-Z, Jan-Dec, 1-31, household subjects and blank) so all your files will look clean, crisp and organized. The Stadium File is also made of 10% post-consumer material.Now is the perfect time to purchase these two items. With school just starting it’s one of the hardest times to stay organized. With all the hustle and bustle of PTA meetings, sports and school beginning stayed organized normally gets pushed on the back burner. With the Stadium File Organizer, accompanied with the Super Tab folders, Smead makes staying organized easy and pain free!

 So what are you waiting for? Turn your piles into files!

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