Simple & Easy Steps To Reduce Waste #SCJZeroWaste

Simple & Easy Steps To Reduce Waste

Have you ever thought about how much your family wastes in a week? A few weeks ago, I shared with you eight ways to reduce waste and posted a challenge to reduce waste. So how did I do? Well, read for yourself.

I’m going to 100% honest here: this was tough. Not because of the SC Johnson Zero Waste Challenge itself, but because during this process I was in the middle of a long distance move. It’s not just a move, it’s a downsize (as we’re renting a small place while waiting for our house to sell) so there were a lot of things I needed to get rid of, but here is what I did: instead of tossing out unwanted toys/cell phones/small appliances I either sold them, donated them or recycled them. 

It seems like common sense, but I’m a purger I don’t like clutter. I tossed stuff often in the past because I didn’t want to wait for someone to pick up items, but for this challenge, I had a little patience and it paid off. As a bonus,  my old things got a new life.

Now that I’m in my new place, I jumped onto the recycling program that the city has organized and I’m noticing a huge difference in the amount of waste we produce. We have two recycling bins: one for boxes and one for plastics. Being a blogger, I get a lot of mail so the one for boxes is a lifesaver! It’s easy to break them down and put them in the laundry room until collection day.

Since we started recycling, we only use the garbage for food scraps (we’re not composting yet), “night time underwear” for my toddler, and non-recycle options.

They’re small changes, but they add up big time!

Simple & Easy Steps To Reduce Waste

To recap, here are a few steps to reduce waste:

  1. Post your unwanted items on Facebook Buy and Sells, Kijiji, and Craigslist (not only do you get rid of stuff, but you also get some money out of it).
  2. Anything you don’t sell with step 1, donate or take to the appropriate recycle depots.
  3. Start recycling bins for plastics and put your water bottles, milk jugs, and empty coffee pods in there (I have also seen coffee pod recycling stations are certain grocery stores).
  4. Start another recycling bin for cardboard and packaging: granola bar boxes, pizza boxes, and shipping boxes can all go there (this is great since Christmas shopping is right around the corner).

For more ideas read these 8 Surprising Ways to Reduce Waste.



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SC Johnson is leading the industry in reducing waste. They are committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. Did you know that in Canada SC Johnson resells or recycles 100% cent of its e-waste?

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with SC Johnson and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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38 comments on “Simple & Easy Steps To Reduce Waste #SCJZeroWaste”

  1. We don’t buy what we don’t need in the first place.

  2. We recycle as much as we can, we also use the organics bin for food and we try to take reusable shopping bags with us to the store.

  3. My friends and I have put together a Facebook auction group where you can auction your things and the proceeds go to charity 🙂

  4. I recycle everything and used clothing and household goods go to the salvation Army.I also shop at a bulk food place which cuts down on the packaging.

  5. We do a lot of small things which we have permanently inserted into our lives; its a lifestyle. We recycle all our recyclable products (everything from bottles, cans to cardboard, plastics, papers, etc.), but we also watch our water consumption (we use a rain barrel), I shop for waste reducing items (so at the grocery store, I like to buy products that do not have excessive packaging), and we also trade, donate and sell any items we don’t want or need anymore on Kijiji.

  6. We recycle, and I shop a lot at thrift stores.

  7. composting every day

  8. My family reduces waste by:
    Donating clean recycling to daycare/school programs for craft materials
    Composting everything we can!
    Avoiding particular brands if we feel they use excessive packaging.

  9. We recycle as much as possible and buy products with less packaging.

  10. One way is we recycle everything.

  11. We try to recycle all that we can!

  12. I recycle as much as I can.

  13. We reuse and recycle, compost and try to buy things that are packaged responsibly.

  14. We buy used, whenever possible. We find new purposes for old items. We recycle and compost.

  15. We recycle a lot. Our actual garbage has decreased substantially. Bottles and tetra boxes are taken to bottle depots weekly. Old electronics arre taken in for recycling, as are old batteries. Empty paint cans, aerosole cans are taken to the local firehall for disposal. Our family has gotten on the recycle train and it feels pretty darn good. Used clothing is also donated to thrift/consignment shops. Old appliances are recycled at the local landfill.

  16. I recycle as much as possible

  17. We recycle what we can, and reuse containers and such and compost

  18. We recycle, we donate to the food bank ad our clothing to the womans shelters.

  19. We recycle and buy from the second hand store.

  20. We recycle as much as we can. We Never use bottled water. We always use cloth grocery bags. We do a lot of composting. We donate what we no longer need to second hand stores and shelters. If I have a choice on a product with less packaging I will buy the one with less. ( I don’t know why companies aren’t more on board with this option ) Thank you for this Great giveaway !! Merry Christmas 🙂

  21. We recycle and we use a green bin for that waste. We also doante clothes that we don’t use anymore or have outgrown so someone can wear it.

  22. We’ve just started composting!

  23. We reduce waste by recycling, composting and we also try to reuse items!

  24. I put everything I possibly can into recycling, our blue bin always will always have more stuff than the garbage bin. Also I try to stay away from buying things with lots of plastic packaging.

  25. We recycle and we donate/sell items we don’t need anymore

  26. I’m so happy you are working on making your home a Zero Waste one. I started this journey over the last year and couldn’t be happier! It has truly changed how I live my life. And the best part is that I’ve been able share this with family and friends who are now making the change as well. You should take a look at my blog! I talk about some transitions that I accomplished. Maybe I have some tips for you 🙂 – Ashley

  27. We recycle. And donate unwanted items to Goodwill.

  28. i try to buy only what we actually will use before it spoils

  29. Lots of great ideas. We recycle as much as possible.

  30. With the usual recycle but we also compost and fix things rather than tossing them when broken.

  31. we recycle everything we possibly can and we also re-use containers for crafts, etc

  32. Thanks for the helpful steps to reduce waste! Recently I am very interested and concern about reducing waste at home and in my working place. Best regards

  33. Great ideas for reducing plastic waste. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday, hope to see you at the party next week!

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