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Being that I have Graves Disease and had a Thyroidectomy over a year ago, I rely on my medication to stay alive. That being said, I always have medication bottles taking up space in my cupboard. They are still figure out my dosage on my thyroid hormone, so I can run into some issues from time to time which happens to bring on more medication (to counter act those symptoms). It’s not just medication, it’s also the vitamins and supplements I take and the over the counter meds like tylenol, advil, etc. It all takes up so much space and is never discreet but I have a solution for prescription storage and it’s called The Carrie All.
I have been using The Carrie All since July and it has saves so much space, I love it. Originally, I used to pack up all our vitamins and medication for our trip to Northern BC back in July, but now that we’re back the pills haven’t left the container because it’s so convenient.

The Carrie All comes in either black or brown and it’s a zip up bag with an easy to carry handle. It fits snugly in a suitcase and doesn’t take up much space. My favorite feature about The Carrie All is the medical tabs that it comes with. Here’s how it works:
It is so easy to do and keeps your bottles in place during travel, not to mention they are always easy to find when you need them. In my case, I can see what pills are what and it helps keep me organized.

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2 comments on “The Carrie All”

  1. I like how discreet the bag is

  2. I like that it keeps all your medication in one place. I have several bottles around the house and am always forgetting where I put them.

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