Treats For Toys Ends On December 22 #treatsfortoys

Rice Krispies Treat


Treats For Toys is a wonderful campaign that I have been thrilled to be apart of. Not only have I learned that for every toy inspired Rice Krispie treat uploaded to their website, Kelloggs will donate $20 to The Salvation Army but I also learned that I’m not good at making 3D Rice Krispie treats.

The first toy I made was the Rice Krispies Robot, it looked cute for the minute it would stand up but it fell over right away.

Holiday CottageA few weeks ago I was inspired by the Rice Krispies Special Occasions Holiday Cottage. I thought it would make an adorable toy house to upload to the Rice Krispies site.

Disclaimer: I had strep throat, a fever and the flu while making this. Yeah, that’s why it didn’t turn out 😉

Building a doll house out of rice kripies

First I built the four walls, it was easy, I just folded it and sealed it with some royal icing. It was a good start.

Rice Krispies House

Then I made a roof, and didn’t like the hole in the center. So I randomly cut some “fillers”. This is where it started going down hill. Oh, did I mention that I ran out of decorating supplies and never realized it. All I had was colored frosting and with a sick baby (and I myself feeling 100% awful) I wasn’t running to the store. So I had a new vision of a colorful and beautifully decorated house made with frosting. I assure you, it looked outstanding in my head.

Treats For ToysQuit laughing. Seriously, stop it. Haha, I know – it’s pretty bad. So things went bad to worse. The royal icing wasn’t holding at all and my walls started caving. I then panicked and wanted to finish it as fast as I could so I could take a photo and share it in this post for all of you. I still had high hopes that this could work. So there I was decorating with colored frosting with one hand, the other was holding the house together when the phone rang. I ran to grab it and it toppled. I did my best to put it back together but it ended up looking like this. It was smudged and falling apart. It was sad. I called it a day and took my feverish self to bed. I couldn’t do it any longer. I was defeated.

Later that night, I showed my husband my disaster and he happened to be holding my 21 month old son. While my husband laughed, my son looked at it and said “wow” as if it was the most glorious thing he has seen. How sweet is that?

Treats For Toys

From now until December 22 Rice Krispies is partnering with The Salvation Army by donating $20 (to a maximum of $30,000) whenever a Canadian uploads a photo of a toy-shaped treat using Rice Krispies cereal. How cool is that? This is a fun project for the whole family to get involved in that has some positive (and delicious) outcomes. Simply upload your photo to and it’s done.
HINT: if you’re worried about doing this in 3D mode, make a toy laying down on a cookie sheet. I have seen many people do this and it looks great!
Disclaimer: I am apart of the Kellogg’s Treats for Toys Campaign and I have been compensated. All opinions are my own.

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5 comments on “Treats For Toys Ends On December 22 #treatsfortoys”

  1. My kids love making Rice Krispies squares treats! Your little house is cute, and I’m sure that it was very munchable too!

  2. Rice Krispies treats are part of our holiday tradition. I love that they are giving back like this, this year. thanks for sharing

  3. it’s not so bad! lol we made a race car and a transport truck!

  4. Now Randa, this is just amazing! I love Rice Krispies and what we can do with it

  5. Rice kripsies are one of Hubs favorite treats. And you get an A+ for effort!

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