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My son just turned two this past weekend and he’s entered the picky eater stage. His nutrition is an on going worry of mine. I’m been kicking around the idea of using supplements for a while now, and just started with Treehouse Kids Supplements from Webber Naturals.

My son’s eating habits consist of (some) vegetables and fruit. Mostly fruit. He won’t eat meat, and the only protein he will accept is either cottage cheese or greek yogurt. As a parent, it’s really frustrating and concerns me. Is he really getting all the nutrients he needs to grow healthy? I started using the Treehouse Supplements a month ago, and it’s going very well.

Everyday my son takes one of the following:

  • Chewable Multi Vitamin
  • Chewable Vitamin D3
  • Chewable Vitamin C

Usually, with myself, I forget to take my vitamins but my son doesn’t let me forget. After his first use, every morning he comes out to the kitchen and points to the cabinet where I keep his supplements. He obviously thinks they taste great. I’ve tried them (I usually take the adult recommended dose of the D3) and they don’t taste bad. Everything has a berry taste to it (except for the vitamin C, that tastes like citrus). I found myself taking a few of his vitamin C’s during cold season and I’d like to think that it helped keep us healthy.

Vitamin D

I’ve been worried about the lack of vitamin D my son gets, so I was relieved to see that Webber Naturals carries it in the Treehouse line up. My son’s birthday is in March and studies show that children born in later winter/early spring can have a life long deficiency. In my opinion, vitamin D is one of the most important supplements I can give him because no food naturally has it. You can either get it fortified (ex: some milks are adding it now), from the sun or from supplement.

treehouse kids supplement

I feel good about giving my son these supplements not only because I feel that he is getting the vitamins he needs, but also because these supplements are free of artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and aspartame. Yes, there are companies who add that to children’s vitamins. Read your label, you would be surprised. They come in the fun shapes of Max & Ruby or Franklin, characters that families have loved for a long time.

24 comments on “Treehouse Kids Supplements From Webber Naturals”

  1. The multivitamin! 🙂 Thanks.

  2. The chewable multivitamin!

  3. I definitely needed Vitamin D with this long, cold, snowy winter we have had. Thanks for the great contest.

  4. Its funny how kids can forget to wash their hands and flush the toilet but give them a multivitamin and they are like clockwork about asking for it! ha ha ! My kids are the same. I think I like the idea of a multivitamin most. I worry that they don’t get vitamins they need so this would cover everything!

  5. Since we don’t consume dairy, calcium is the biggest supplement my kids need.

  6. So my very health wise Auntie, swears by Tree house products she says they are the best for children. Including the shampoo!

  7. Oh, this is awesome! I’d love to check these out! LO loves Tree House and is totally in love with Franklin and Max & Ruby! We currently use a different vitamin for her, but would be interested in checking these out.

  8. My DD5 could benefit from the multi vit.

  9. Vitamin D Drops!

  10. We just finished a bottle of those! Apparently they tasted way better then the stuff I replaced them with LOL.

  11. I think the chewable multivitamin would be the most helpful.

  12. The chewable multivitamins.

  13. My child would most benefit for Chewable Vitamin D3! I really believe in vitamins and taking D!

  14. The multivitamin is great for my boys!

  15. My kids would benefit from the chewable multivitamin!

  16. I’d say the Chewable Multi Vitamin

  17. I think my kids could use the chewable multi vitamins.

  18. Vitamin D Drops!!!!!!!!

  19. I think the multivitamin would be the most beneficial.

  20. The chewable multivitamin

  21. Vitamin D would be a great one to add in, not getting alot of sun these day.

  22. the multi vitamin with minerals

  23. My son takes both the Franklin Vitamin C and D. But we are out of multi vitamins. He definitely needs more and would love the Max and Ruby shapes!

  24. Multivitamin would be the best one.

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