Twilight Turtle DoGree Online 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

I did a review on DoGree Online for my Bringing Home Baby Gift Guide. I reviewed Cloud B’s Sleep Sheep and now I’m excited to review another Cloud B product: the Twilight Turtle.

DoGree Fashions Ltd. is a Canadian distributor of products that not all retailers can carry (but are in demand). As a Canadian shopper, I come across great products that cannot make it to me because they are not offered in my country from time to time. It’s because of companies like DoGree, that make it possible for us Canadians to experience great products and companies.
Cloud B makes amazing products. We have used the Sleep Sheep every night since we brought Carter home, it helps him fall asleep with the gentle sounds of whales, the ocean, rain and a heartbeat. I have to be honest, even when Carter is sound asleep I will sneak back in his room to turn on the ocean waves. Hearing it through the monitor helps me fall asleep. Being that I’m such a fan of the Sleep Sheep, I was incredibly excited to try out Twilight Turtle. 
Twilight Turtle casts the night sky onto your child’s bedroom ceiling. The projection of stars is complete with eight constellations that occupy your child’s mind as he/she blissfully falls into slumber. Along with the night sky, there is a choice of three color options: blue, amber or green. The glowing projection does have an automatic 45 minute shut off, so there is no wasted batteries (which is the same idea as the Sleep Sheep). 

Twilight Turtle makes going to bed fun, as you can lay with your little one and count stars, talk about constellations and learn with the included star guide. Cloud B once again makes going to sleep a soothing and tranquil experience, just the way it should be. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for children of all ages.
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