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 Vinyl decals are highly popular in interior decorating at the moment. They’re a great way to make a clean, but bold statement or a fun way to personalize your living space. No matter what room you are looking to decorate, there is always a vinyl option for you (especially when they are fully customizable).
Wall Written specializes in designing beautiful wall quotes, vinyl wall words and artistic vinyl decals which are perfect for use in home and office decor. 
My kitchen is a disaster, there are literally no decorations. It’s just ugly, so when I came across this decal:

I knew I had to have it. I even had the perfect space picked out, right above my range. The only problem was the limitation of space. I only had about two feet to play with, so when I asked Wall Written if we could shorten it to just say “Garlicky Savory Sizzling” I was thrilled when the answer was yes.
Shipping was fairly quick but I put the application process on hold for a few weeks. I was hoping to re paint my kitchen, but with the nursery remodel I have to stick with the drab color it is now.
Application was a breeze. I have worked with a few companies now that specialize in vinyl decals and Wall Written’s application is one of the easiest (the letters transfer like a breeze). After a little prep work (washing the wall and rubbing the transfer paper) you’re ready to go.
The paper sticks to the wall quite well, where with smaller decals the application is easy enough to do with only one person (however, it is recommended you use two if you opt for a bigger piece). Once you have the decal in your desired placing, rub across the letters you are wishing to transfer. You can tell when the individual letter is sticking properly as the color changes slightly. 

Once you are convinced that your decal is transferred on the wall, peel. Start off with a corner and peel slowly. The transfer paper should easily be removed. I recommend you do this slowly because there is a chance that some of the letters didn’t transfer over 100% and if you go slow, you can catch it easy enough. This happened a few times with me and you just put the paper back and rub a little more. It’s simple. Now, if you were to rip it off fast, you wouldn’t have time to react to the letter that didn’t transfer completely over and you could possibly ruin your decal. Trust me, I know this from experience. 
There is another way to transfer over a decal that involves water, but I didn’t opt for that way. I thought this would be easier. However, if you are interested in learning more about that technique be sure to watch Wall Written’s wet method video
That’s it! In the end you have a great result and a beautiful wall to look at. (I literally stated for a good two minutes). I value the quality of Wall Written’s products so much that I bought our giant wall decal for our nursery from them (I cannot wait to show photos when it’s up). I used their customization tool, as it is our baby’s name with a frame around it. After looking around for a couple days I found that Wall Written had the best customization tool out there. It was easy to use and produced a beautiful result.

Kitchen Vinyl Decal

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