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Dryer BallsI’m not a fan of dryer sheets or bars. I really don’t like the idea of the chemicals going all over my clothes and interfering with my sensitive skin. Also, did you know that over time they can build up on your dryer vent, causing a fire hazard? So we don’t use them, but the static is annoying. We’re walking lightening rods.

I have heard a lot of positive things in the past about Woolzies Dryer Balls, so I couldn’t wait to try them for myself. The dryer balls are made from 100% pure New Zealand wool, and they’re handmade too. There are no nasty chemicals or anything synthetic and fake. Since they’re not made out of PVC (like the plastic kind you can find) they also will not melt or fall apart on you either. They’re also hypo allergenic. If you have a wool sensitivity, you don’t need to worry about it – the Woolzies Dryer Balls will not shed.

It takes my clothes a long time to dry in the machine. It’s annoying, especially when I’m in a hurry for a certain article of clothing (jeans, it’s always jeans). Woolzies claim that if you toss all 6 of their dryer balls it will cut your drying time by 25%. Now, I can’t say that the drying time was cut by 25% (I didn’t time it) I can say that usually by the end of my drying cycle on heavier loads I usually have to do another cycle. When I checked on it while using the dryer balls (towards the end of the first cycle) they were dry. So I definitely noticed an improvement there.

Another thing I noticed after using the dryer balls is that my clothes feel softer. Is it even possible for a broken in t-shirt to feel even more comfortable? Because that happened. No more need for nasty, chemical filled, liquid softeners (not that I used those anyway) and I have noticed a decrease in the amount I get zapped all the time (yay for static elimination).

Best of all? You get a lot of “bang for your buck”. Woolzies Dryer Balls last 1,000 dyer loads. that’s incredible economical and eco friendly.

It’s not often that after a product review I buy the same product again. However, I can say that I have now found a must have for my laundry routine. I highly recommend these to all of my readers and friends.

For more information or to purchase, visit Woolzies Website.


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13 comments on “Woolzies Dryer Balls”

  1. I haven’t used this but have been hearing good things about them. I don’t blame you about the chemicals all over your clothes I hadn’t really thought about it but that is a very good point.

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  3. I have tried dryer balls, too. I like them!!! I lost one for a while, though. It was hiding in the arm of a sweater. LOL!

  4. I….NEED….THIS!!! lol. Seriously. I’m so over the lint balls and the static and and and! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Interesting, I have heard a lot about dryer balls and was curious how they worked!

  6. I’ve always wanted to try those – I may have to get some!

  7. These are SO cool! We just received one of these in an Eco-friendly monthly box delivery and I loved learning about them. What a great idea!

  8. I love mine. They sure do make a difference. I caught the dog leaving the laundry room with one. 🙂

  9. Great info in this post, I must look into these dryer balls. I’ve tried other types but not these ones. One thousand uses is pretty impressive.

  10. I have some of these and love that they’re better on the environment, my pocketbook by cutting down on dryer time and actually work! Glad to read that you’ve found something to improve your laundry routine.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

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