World’s Best Cat Litter

One of the worst jobs out there when it comes to chores has to be changing the cat litter. It’s a stinky mess and I was thrilled when I became pregnant so I finally had a reason not too.
I have heard of the World’s Best Cat Litter before this review and was intrigued, so when I received the opportunity to try it, there was no hesitation to accept. So what is the difference between World’s Best and the Walmart special?

Their formula stands alone in harnessing the power of naturally absorbent whole-kernel corn (grown in the US) to offer outstanding odor control and easy cleanup. World’s Best Cat Litter corn granules contain thousands of tiny pores that trap nasty smells and bond quickly to form compact, easy-to-scoop clumps. And because it’s made of 100% natural whole-kernel corn, it’s a long lasting solution that is pet, people and planet friendly. The end-result is a truly unique litter that exceeds the expectations of cat owners everywhere – guaranteed or your money back! 

 I was sent the clumping formula to try out, being that I only have one cat it seemed like the best option for me. So what did I think?

What a great litter product. First of all, there is virtually no dust that attacks your lungs when you first open the bag. When Porsche used the litter, I noticed she didn’t track it all over the basement like she normally does with the regular stuff she uses. That right there is reason enough to buy it!

It clumps really well, doesn’t fall apart and make more of a mess. So cleaning the box is easier than normal. The number one reason I believe World’s Best is the best? NO SMELL. I didn’t notice the ammonia odor once as I walked by the cat box.

So to recap this litter:

  • Does not smell
  • Does not track
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of natural corn products (free of chemicals)
  • Contains no silica

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