How Many Calories are Burned Doing PiYo

How many calories are burned doing PiYo? I know this is a search term that will be regularly plugged into Google because whenever I research a fitness program that’s usually something I like to know. Doing more programs? Check out the Beachbody Calorie Burn resource.

Want to know how many calories are burned doing PiYo? I recorded my heart rate doing the workouts to give you a better number to help motivate your health and fitness goals.

I used my Polar Ft4 heart rate monitor to track my calories burned. I got mine here I highly recommend them.

Here are some of my statistics as well.

Height: 5’3
Weight: 145 lbs

Please keep in mind that everyone is different, so what I burn is probably not what you will burn but this is a guide.

calories burned doing Chalene Johnson's PiYO

How Many Calories are Burned Doing PiYo

Align: The Fundamentals: 154 (most of this was just standing around while she explains the moves)

Define: Lower Body: 121 calories

Define: Upper Body: 116 calories

Sweat: 308 calories

Core: 223 calories

Strength Intervals: 206 calories

Full Body Blast: 230 calories

Drench: 394 calories

Strong Legs: 187 calories

Hardcore On The Floor: 191 calories (my HRM was accidentally turned off for the first part of kick throughs).

If you’re already doing PiYo, I hope this helped you. If you’re interested in starting, your options are below.



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