Dreamworks Land Universal Studios

Dreamworks Land recently opened up at Universal Studios Florida. The long awaited park is great for children ages 2-10 to go explore with Dreamworks favorite characters like Poppy, Shrek, and Po from Kung-fu Panda. The park has several water features. To fully enjoy it, pack a swimsuit, sandals, towel, and a change of clothing for your kids. 

Dreamworks Land Attractions

The following is a complete list of all the fun attractions, dining, and a few suggestions for how to enjoy Dreamworks Land with your family.

Shrek’s Swamp Meet

Shrek’s land features a full scale recreation of his swamp home, where you can meet Donkey, Shrek, and Fiona. Donkey is a lifelike animatronic powered by a comedic puppeteer. If you’re a fan of Donkey, make time to stop by and see him. It’s worth it. 

Donkey at Shrek's Swamp Meet in Dreamworks Land

Swamp Snacks

Shrek has his own swamp snack shop with creative snacks that include: 

  • Donkey’s Far Far Away Waffle, which is two waffles stuffed with pizza sauce and cheese
  • Shrek’s Swamp Dog, a hot dog wrapped in pretzel with garlic and mild spice
  • Frozen Ogre, a sour apple popsicle shaped like Shrek
  • Mud Puddle Pudding, a cup of chocolate pudding with cookie crumble, cookie cake, and gummy worms
  • Chonky Donkey, a chocolate popsicle shaped like Donkey
  • Shrekzel, a pretzel twisted like Shrek with a cup of green cheese that looks like slime
Shreks Swamp Snacks Universal Studios

Shrek’s Swamp for Little Ogres

For families with younger children, Shrek’s land includes a full playground with slides, climbing areas, splashpad, high walkways with water cannons, and a tree house where Pinoccio talks to the children, spouting funny not-so-true facts. 

Pinocchio at Dreamworks Land

King Harold’s Swamp Symphony

Kids can create their own music by jumping on lily pads to make King Harold’s swamp frogs sing in perfect harmony. This is a great little two minute attraction for kids to leap by. 

King Harolds Swamp Symphony

Mama Luna Feline Fiesta

Based on Dreamwork’s Puss n’ Boots, Mama Luna’s is a tucked away play zone with arcade-like games. While you’re there, be on the lookout for feline characters like Kitty Softpaws. 

Kitty Soft Paws at Mama Luna Feline Fiesta Dreamworks Land

Poppy’s Playground

Poppy’s amazing playground includes a giant pink mushroom with hanging troll homes that little kids can play in. There are also lots of cute bugs scattered about to climb on. Near the playground is the Poppy and Branch fountain, where you can meet characters like Poppy, Branch, and Guy Diamond!

Poppy's Playground

Trolls Trollercoaster

The trollercoaster is a slowish coaster that goes up, down and around. Small children can ride this coaster with an adult. Much of the line is not shaded, but there is a water bottle refill station midway. If there is a long wait, I’d recommend bringing a Shrek popsicle or Trolls ice cream cone with. There is an Express line for this ride. 

Trolls Trollercoaster at Universal

Trolls Treats

Trolls Treats serves drinks and soft serve frozen yogurt that is either berry blue Branch or hot pink Poppy and pink lemonade flavored. The soft serve comes piled high with sprinkles in a cone that is huge for kids. On a hot day, it will melt fast. In fact, in 95 degrees, it melted so fast, I didn’t have time for pictures of the soft serve ice-cream, and even though we tried our best, my daughter got bright blue spots all over her white shirt. Luckily, the stains came out in the wash. These soft serve cones are giant, tasty, and messy, so be sure to grab lots of napkins, and enjoy!

Dreamwork’s Imagination Celebration 

The Imagination Celebration is a theater in the round with a fantastic show that features live actors/singers, dancers and characters like Shrek, Donkey, Dragon, Po, Branch and Poppy. The air conditioned, circular theater has giant screens that display amazing animation that goes with the play. There are also surprises that fall from the ceiling. This show is not scary and great for children and adults. I’d recommend getting there early to snag a front row seat.

Imagination Celebration show
Dragon at Dreamwork's Imagination Celebration

Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp

Dreamworks land, Po’s training camp is a giant, smart playground that includes:

Gong of Resounding Resonance

Step up to the Gong and pull the rope. The Gong makes a unique sound each time. Kids love it!

Gong of Resounding Resonance at Universal Studios Dreamworks Land

Pond of Perpetual Wetness

This “pond” is a giant splash pad, with giant leaves and bamboo structures that squirt water. To fully enjoy the splash pad, don’t forget to bring a swimsuit!

The Pond of Perpetual Wetness at Universal Studios Dreamworks Land King Fu Panda

Mr. Ping’s Noodle Caboodle

Stop in at Mr. Ping’s playground where kids can hold onto giant spinning noodles and ride on playground merry-go-rounds. My daughter had lots of fun on the noodles and there are nearby benches that are shaded for parents to enjoy.

Mr. Ping's Noodle Kaboodle at Dreamworks Land Kung Fu Panda

Laundry of Ultimate Cleanliness

This side of Po’s training camp features another splash pad. Beware of this side! A giant bucket of water fills up and then dumps on guests who stand in the splashzone. 

Laundry of Ultimate Cleanliness at Universal Studios Dreamworks Land Kung Fu Panda

Po Live! At Dreamworks Land

This is an outdoor, shaded show that is part of the playground. Anyone can go watch and play with Po as he teaches kung fu to his guests. The animation is controlled by an actor, so Po really interacts with the kids. We watched the show twice and it was different each time. Sit up front for a better chance of Po interacting with your child. 

Po Live! At Dreamworks Land Universal Studios Florida

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