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How to be successful on a ketogenic diet. Whether you're just going low carb or full out keto diet - here are some tips (including what to eat) to have success and reach ketosis.

How to Be Successful on a Ketogenic Diet

There are so many options for healthy eating but it has to work for you! Here are some clean eating tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Clean Eating Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle

5 easy ways to add protein to your diet. These simple tips will up your protein intake and help you live a healthy lifestyle

5 Easy Ways to Add Protein to Your Diet

Healthy Pantry Staples you NEED in your kitchen for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

Healthy Pantry Staples You Need In Your Kitchen + Giveaway

The Healthy Grail Health Planner. Customizable to suit your health and fitness goals. 15 pages: meal planning, grocery lists, goal planners, habit trackers. Works for all diets: 21 Day Fix, macros (IIFYM). This health and fitness journal is for EVERYONE!

The Healthy Grail Health Planner

8 Ways to stay cool. Looking on how to stay cool during the hot, summer months WITHOUT AC? Check out these life hacks.

8 Ways to Stay Cool

21 Day Fix Snack Ideas. Healthy snacks that are easy to make and keep you full.

21 Day Fix Snack Ideas

Baked Apple Oatmeal Bowls - an easy breakfast recipe that's ready in under a minute, healthy, and has no clean up! Plus 7 apple hacks.

Baked Apple Oatmeal + 7 Apple Hacks

11 apple health benefits that you didn't know about. The last health tip is my favorite.

11 Apple Health Benefits You Didn’t Know

How to meal plan using Pinterest. Get organized, save your sanity, and eat healthy recipes EASILY with this meal planning guide.

How to Meal Plan Using Pinterest

Running Tips For Beginners - want to start running/jogging. Here are some tips to get started.

Running Tips for Beginners

5 ways to get fit on a budget. Getting healthy doesn't have to mean going broke. Here are some money saving health and fitness tips.

5 Ways to Get Fit on a Budget

Health and fitness apps that rock my socks! These are my favorite apps that help me be my healthiest self.

Health and Fitness Apps That Rock My Socks

12 ways to ditch holiday stress - don't let the Christmas season stress you out! Here are some tips to make the holidays easier.

12 Ways to Ditch Holiday Stress #HolidayEntertaining2016

Curious on the calories burned doing Core De Force? I recorded my heart rate doing the workouts to give you a better number to help motivate your health and fitness goals.

Calories Burned Doing Core De Force

Travelling can do a number on your body. The change of scenery, stress and new foods can affect your health. Here is how you can treat travel belly cramps.

Treating Travel Belly Cramps + Giveaway #BeatBellyCramps #Buscopan

If you need help with a meal plan, this post has all the work done for you. A low carb meal plan that has some paleo recipes and clean eating inspiration for weight loss and feeling healthy!

Low Carb Menu Plan August 1- August 7 #NoCarbQueens

An easy to follow low carb meal plan. Complete with paleo recipes, gluten free recipes and some dairy free recipes as well.

Low Carb Meal Plan July 25 – July 31 #NoCarbQueens

Conquer your stomach cramps. Summer can bring on a lot of food that happens to be tummy triggers. Here are a few foods that cause stomach aches and ways to beat belly cramps.

Conquer Stomach Cramps and Know Your Summer Tummy Triggers

Sneaky (and not so sneaky) ways to hide veggies. If you have a picky eater here are some ways to encourage your kids to eat vegetables...without the dinner time fight!

Sneaky Ways to Hide Vegetables in Food

Using Pure Life Sparkling Water as a replacement for sugary drinks it's a great step to losing weight. Add it to your snack drawer, enjoy it with berries for flavor. It's a weight loss hack that tastes great!

Add Sparkle To Your Healthy Lifestyle #RethinkYourDrink

When Asthma Affects Someone You Love #30SecondAsthmaTest #ad

Take the 30 second asthma test to learn more about your asthma symptoms and to find out if your asthma is really under control.

Take The 30 Second Asthma Test #30SecondAsthmaTest #ad

6 meal prep tips for busy families. Meal prepping is a great way to stay healthy and sane. The Bewitchin' Kitchen teamed up with Chef Cory Vitiello and Catelli to bring these helpful dinner tips. |

6 Meal Prep Tips For Busy Families #CatelliFamilies

This blog tells you how many calories are burned doing The Master's Hammer and Chisel. She uses a heart rate monitor to calculate it. Hammer is Chisel is a Beachbody program from the trainers Sagi Kalev (Body Beast) and Autumn Calabrese (21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme).

Calories Burned Doing Hammer and Chisel

Meal Planning Worksheet Download! Make your weekly meal plan easy with this menu plan printable! This makes eating healthy easy! Fail to plan, plan to fail! |

Weekly Meal Plan Download

The ten most popular blog posts at The Bewitchin' Kitchen. From paleo bbq sauce to how many calories are burned in the 21 day fix to how to make a candy bouquet. |

The Bewitchin’ Kitchen’s Most Popular Posts of 2015