15 Instant Pot Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Are you looking for ways to use your Instant Pot in the morning? Here are some delicious Instant Pot Healthy Breakfast Recipes!

15 Instant Pot Healthy Breakfast Recipes - easy pressure cooker breakfast recipes that are healthy (some being whole30 and 21 day fix approved). #healthyrecipes #instantpot #instantpotbreakfastrecipes
Instant Pot Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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I’m not a breakfast person, I have a tough time eating first thing in the morning but when 10 o’clock hits, I am ready for all the food! If you’re in a hurry, like I usually am, you have to try making an Instant Pot breakfast! Ever since I got an Instant Pot, I’ve been making fresh and healthy foods for my family in just minutes! Here are 15 Instant Pot Healthy Breakfast Recipes for when you’re too busy to make breakfast, and cereal isn’t an option!

Instant Pot Meal Prep

Healthy Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes

TBK’s Pro Tip: Most recipes can be converted to an Instant Pot recipe. Just dump the ingredients and read the manual to figure out the times!

  1. Fajita Breakfast Casserole
  2. Berries and Cream Breakfast Cake
  3. Chocolate Steel Cut Oats
  4. Buckwheat Porridge
  5. Easy Instant Pot Oatmeal
  6. Crustless Crab Quiche
  7. Homemade Yogurt
  8. Eggs Benedict
  9. Breakfast Egg Muffins
  10. Banana Oatmeal
  11. Hard Boiled Eggs
  12. Breakfast Quinoa
  13. Egg Bake
  14. Spiced Apple Steel Cut Oats
  15. Vanilla Latte Steel Cut Oats

I don’t have any Instant Pot healthy breakfast recipes on The Bewitchin’ Kitchen yet but you can check all my Instant Pot recipes for delicious dinner inspiration.

Do you have any healthy breakfast recipes made in the Instant Pot to share? What do you use your IP for?

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  1. hey.. thanks for making my breakfast work easy by sharing such healthy and quick recipes

  2. That looks so amazing. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  3. Thanks for sharing these great & instant recipe, this sure is gonna save me lot of time. I’ll share my feedback when its done.

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