Air Fryer Chicken Katsu

Air Fryer Chicken Katsu is healthy and simple to prepare, and the chicken stays crisp and juicy as if it’s deep fried.

Air Fryer Chicken Katsu

Air Fryer Chicken Katsu

Chicken katsu is a fantastic dish that brings a new spin to a beloved classic. Picture this: chicken cutlets, breaded and cooked in an air fryer to achieve that ideal crispy exterior, while keeping the inside tender and juicy. 

It’s a meal that’s not only tasty but also lighter than the usual deep-fried version. This katsu air fryer recipe is easy to prepare, which means less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the meal. 

Crispy air fryer chicken katsu served with a side of your choice – maybe some Air Fryer Carrot Fries or Cauliflower Rice – makes for a balanced, satisfying meal.

Katsu in Air Fryer

Why you will love this recipe

  • Healthier option: The air fryer offers a lower-fat alternative to traditional deep frying.
  • Quick cooking time: Prepares a meal in a fraction of the time compared to oven baking.
  • Less messy: Eliminates the splatter and mess of deep frying without compromising on the quality.
  • Convenient: Ideal for quick meal preparation, especially on busy days.
Katsu Chicken

How to Make Perfect Air Fryer Katsu

Prepare the Ingredients: Slice chicken breasts into cutlets, then prepare your dredging station. 

In a small bowl, beat the egg and season it with a pinch of salt. In a separate bowl or deep dish, combine panko breadcrumbs with all-purpose flour. 

Coat Chicken Pieces: Dip each chicken filet into the seasoned egg wash, coating both sides evenly. 

Then, transfer the filet to the panko mixture. Press the breading onto the chicken to make sure the coating is even.

Air Fry Chicken: Preheat the air fryer to 400 degrees F. If you don’t have a preheat setting, simply let it run for 3-5 minutes at that temperature. 

Place the breaded chicken in the basket and cook for 10 minutes. Then, flip and continue cooking for another 5 minutes. 

Serve with Katsu Sauce: With the chicken katsu in the air fryer, mix together the ingredients for the katsu sauce.

Once cooked, serve the katsu chicken over a bed of steamed white rice and as much sauce as you would like. 

Making Chicken

Pro Tips 

  • Avoid overcrowding: If needed, make air fryer katsu in batches to ensure each piece cooks evenly and becomes crispy.
  • Let the chicken rest: This helps the meat retain its juices, making it more tender.
  • Maintain air fryer temperature: Avoid checking the chicken too frequently to prevent temperature fluctuations, which can affect the cooking process.
  • Gentle flipping technique: Using a spatula or tongs, gently flip the katsu chicken in the air fryer to maintain the integrity of the breading.
  • Crispiest results: For a golden appearance, lightly spray the chicken katsu with cooking oil or drizzle with olive oil before cooking. 
Key Ingredients to Katsu

Key Ingredients and Substitutions for Air Fryer Chicken Katsu

Chicken: Use boneless, skinless breasts for this chicken katsu air fryer recipe. You’ll need to slice them into cutlets first.

Worcestershire Sauce: Gives a complex, savory depth to the sauce. For a substitute, try a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, and a pinch of sugar.

Soy Sauce: Soy sauce is a fundamental ingredient for the umami flavor in this dish. If needed, a gluten-free soy sauce or tamari can be used as a substitute.

Panko: Panko breadcrumbs create a light, crispy coating. Regular breadcrumbs can be used, but the texture will be slightly different.

All-Purpose Flour: All-purpose flour helps form the crispy coating on the air fryer chicken katsu. Though all-purpose flour is recommended, other types such as gluten-free, whole wheat, chickpea, or rice flour can be substituted.

White Steamed Rice: Serves as a versatile base for chicken katsu from the air fryer. For a healthier option, brown rice or quinoa can be used, though it will change the traditional taste and texture.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chicken Katsu Air Fryer

Finished Chicken in a bowl

How to Reheat Chicken Katsu in Air Fryer

Reheat chicken katsu in the air fryer to retain the crunchy texture of the katsu, making it almost as good as freshly cooked.

Preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees F. Then, place leftovers in the basket and heat for about 3-4 minutes, or until thoroughly warmed and crispy. 

Store leftover chicken katsu in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It can be kept for up to 4 days. 

How To Cook Katsu In Air Fryer

To make sure chicken katsu is cooked evenly, first preheat the air fryer to 400 degrees F. Bread and place the chicken in the basket, cook for 10 minutes, then flip and cook for another 5 minutes. 

Lightly spray with oil before cooking for extra crispy results. Check that the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F to confirm it’s thoroughly cooked while maintaining a crispy crust.

How Long To Cook Chicken In Air Fryer

It only takes 15 minutes total to make this chicken katsu air fryer recipe. Start with 10 minutes on one side, then flip and cook for an additional 5 minutes! 

Air Fryer Chicken Katsu
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Chicken Katsu

Air fryer chicken katsu brings is healthy and simple to prepare, and the chicken is crispy and juicy as if it's deep fried.
Course Main Course
Cuisine American, Japanese
Keyword chicken, Chicken Katsu, Katsu
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 4 Servings
Calories 399kcal


Katsu Sauce

  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Breaded Chicken

  • 1.5 lb chicken breast 2 chicken breast
  • 1 small egg
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup panko
  • 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 cup white steamed rice to serve


  • Chop each chicken breast lengthwise so you get two chicken filets.
  • Then, beat the egg in a small bowl and season with salt.
  • In a different bowl or deep dish, mix panko with all-purpose flour.
  • Dip each chicken filet in the seasoned egg wash, making sure to coat both sides. Then, transfer it to the panko mixture and press the breading onto the chicken to ensure an even coating. This helps achieve a crispy texture.
  • Preheat the Air Fryer to 400F.
  • Next, cook each piece of chicken for 10 minutes and flip. Cook for another 5 minutes and extend the cooking time if necessary. Note: spray cooking oil or drizzle olive oil over the breaded chicken for a golden look.
  • In the meantime, mix all the ingredients of the Katsu sauce.
  • Serve chicken katsu over steamed white rice.


  • Cook in batches: Depending on the size of your air fryer, you may need to cook the chicken in batches to avoid overcrowding. Overcrowding can lead to uneven cooking and a less crispy result.
Recipe Notes
Introducing a healthier twist on the traditional Japanese dish, chicken katsu! This version features a breaded chicken cutlet that is air-fried instead of deep-fried, reducing the amount of oil used. The result is a crispy and flavorful chicken cutlet that is lighter on calories without compromising on taste.
In addition to the air-fried chicken cutlet, this recipe includes a homemade katsu sauce. This tangy and savory sauce perfectly complements the chicken and is served over a bed of steamed rice. The combination of crispy chicken, flavorful sauce, and fluffy rice creates a satisfying and delicious meal that captures the essence of the classic chicken katsu dish in a healthier way.


Calories: 399kcal | Carbohydrates: 54g | Protein: 32g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 1g | Trans Fat: 0.02g | Cholesterol: 111mg | Sodium: 1186mg | Potassium: 680mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 11g | Vitamin A: 247IU | Vitamin C: 4mg | Calcium: 63mg | Iron: 3mg
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