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Maintaining organization is something that is very important and very hard for me to do. With working full time, running The Bewitchin’ Kitchen, running the house and everything else I need to do (doctors appointments, budgeting and all those phone calls) it’s easier said then done. That’s why I was so excited to review Chaos Simplified, I knew it would be heaven sent for my busy schedule. I was also excited to find out that Chaos…Simplified is a local Alberta business just down the highway in Drumheller!
I am reviewing the Womans Day Planner and wow, this life planner has everything. I was expecting just a schedule book but it has so much more. From budget worksheets to household appliance tracking, this has everything you could need to help keep your life in line. There are also folders in each month so you can put important documents that will come in use (permission slips, grocery lists, whatever!). Another feature that I appreciate is “The Plan” page. Each month has a different plan page where you write down your goals for yourself, your family, the house and goals for your finances. I’m a firm believer in setting goals for yourself and that when you do, you are that more likely to acheive them. “The Plan” page also has designated spaces for what’s happening in life of the family, what’s happening that month, what’s ahead in the following month, things on your mind and important dates.

A feature that is unique to The Womans Day Planner is the half page format (seen above). The half page format is the weekly view of the month which is always on the top of the page. You still have the monthly view on the bottom of the page, so that way you are not constantly flipping through pages.

Here is some great information that I took straight from Chaos Simplified about the printing information:
The paper – FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council Certified). That means it measures up to the highest standard of the industry that not only deals with harvesting, but also the processing and delivery in an environmentally responsible manner. For the toner- our black and white toner is made from metal filings not silicone or wax base. That means that when it’s recycled or composted we’re just returning natural metal elements to the earth.
We have a recycling program with our Canon where we send the plastic cartridges back (and they’re huge – about 2 feet long) back for refilling. Zero waste from toner cartridges in the environment.

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