Crowd Control – Thinking Tim Horton’s Needs To Listen

Most Canadians will know what I’m about to rant about here. In the small town I live in in central Alberta we have one Tim Horton’s, unfortunately for me it shares a parking lot with where I work. There has been multiple times I have been stuck behind vehicles just waiting to get to my job. They’re in line just to get to the parking lot and I’m there losing my mind. Tim Horton’s needs some sort of crowd control.
If I was to have it my way, instead of them turning into the parking lot to get to the drive threw I would make them go around the parking lot where not too many people park and have a straight line to the order speaker. I would enforce this through barricades, so no one can step out of line and screw with all us people try to get to work (or trying to back out of a parking stall, I have literally been stuck in my parking stall for fifteen minutes before because everyone is in such a rush for their coffee and wouldn’t let me out).  

You would also think there would be some kind of stanchions for the people who go inside to eat as well. Most people are good and stand in line and wait their turn in an orderly fashion. However, every once in a while you get those people. You know the ones who have a big group and ruin the order of the line and tick everyone off? Those are the people you need the velvet rope for.
Can’t you tell I just got back from a trip to get a double double?

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