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You know that simple scrub brush you have sitting near your kitchen sink? Yeah, that one. Well, it has a shelf life! Think about it, you probably don’t keep it for years on end, if one year. I was just reading the Full Circle website and found out that if EVERY house in the US ALONE tossed a scrub brush every year, there would be 120 million scrub brushes in our landfills. Wow! Now try to wrap your head around this: the majority of those brushes are petroleum based. Guess how long it takes for those to break down. 1000 years.
-Full Circle has an amazing solution. Their products are sustainable and biodegradable. They also monitor conditions in their factories. Here are some facts taken from the Full Circle website:
– Full Circle sources raw materials close to where all of the processes and packaging is done to minimize transportation.
– We ensure scraps and waste materials are recycled.
– We use recycled and FSC certified paper for our marketing materials and packaging
– We audit our factories according to the following: fair labor practices, health & safety, compensation & work hours, environmental conditions including air and water, as well as waste disposal.
I was sent some great products to review from Full Circle. My favorite of all of them was the Come Clean Natural Cleaning Solutions. 
I have used this solution many times on my kitchen counters and it works great. My favorite feature on this product is the lemon juicer! I love how it fits perfectly inside the bottle and I no longer have to squeeze the lemons myself (causing a lot of howling when it gets into the cuts on my hands). It also comes with a “recipe” book, which includes recipes for everything from an all purpose to a toilet bowl cleaner. All cheap and all free of toxins. I also received the Suds Up Dish Brush. Now this brush was too cool. The Suds Up Dish Brush is made from a biodegradable plan plastic (no 1000 year break down), renewable bamboo, has natural & recycled bristles and is packaged with recycled paper and eco-friendly inks. This brush is so neat! you removed the bottom rubber stopper and fill it with soapy water. While you are scrubbing your dishes you press the top “button” and it dispenses your cleaning agent (saving you soap and water). The strong bristles make cleaning a breeze and storing the brush is easy because it stands up. My favorite feature that would be the scrubbing heads are removable. This way, when it’s time for a new one you don’t have to throw away the whole brush! You also have the option of the Suds Up Dish Sponges as well, which is gentle on cookware.

For more information on Full Circle and their products please visit their website.

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