Kindred Scents

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Kindred Scents make hand poured highly scented soy candles. They believe that candles can help make any room feel cozy and loving with their gentle glow and wonderful scent. (Which I 100% agree on. I love candles you can find them in every room in my house.) They also take extra care in each and every candle. Customer satisfaction is a guarantee.

Did you know that the soybean is an American grown crop? Neither did I, so when you purchase a soy candle through Kindred Scents not only are you supporting the planet, but you are also supporting the economy and the American farmer.

Here is some more information about Kindred Scents Soy Candles:

“The Soybean is an American grown crop, yes, we said crop. Meaning the American Farmer grows a vegetable that produces enough oil to do many things, and one of them is making soy candle wax.
“How do your soy candles differ from the other candles? “ Very simple, the wax, the wicks and the fragrances are all natural.
Our amazing line of soy candles also contain no lead or chemicals  unlike other candles that are harmful once burned, and emit a soot that becomes visible on the walls and ceilings. Soy Candles not only burn clean but they last longer too!”
Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway, it is now closed.
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