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Shannon Andrukow developed Otterbottle Inc.– the name was born out of her desire to find a name that represented something pure, healthy and, of course, Canadian. The otter, an animal that lives in the water that we all need to protect, was a perfect fit. What better than to have a company name that is virtually impossible to forget!
For Shannon, founding Otterbottle Inc. has allowed her to do what she loves most in life; spend her days at home with her kids and make a difference for the earth that she wants to preserve.“We believe in what we do. We believe in protecting our water and our planet. With every bottle sold, a contribution will be made to the David Suzuki Foundation.

Otterbottle is a proud member of REAP – Respect for the Earth and All People”

I was sent the Red Anemone 700ml water bottle for a review. From visiting Otterbottle’s website I learned that the Red Anemone bottle is a Holiday Bottle and from every purchase of that bottle a portion of the proceeds go to the kidney foundation of Canada.I take a water bottle with me to work everyday. Some are good, some aren’t. Otterbottle is one of the few that I like taking with me. The main reason will be because it doesn’t affect the taste. Most of my stainless steel water bottles leave a metallic taste in my mouth for a while after I take a sip. Or worse, if I leave my water in the container too long the metallic taste contaminates my water! It drives me crazy and I don’t believe in wasting water, so I drink it but it ruins the experience. Otterbottle eliminates that.

Another plus to Otterbottle would be it keeps your beverage cold or hot (however you pour your drink into the bottle). Other then the taste, the main benefit of Otterbottle to me would be that it is dishwasher safe! I have to be honest, the dishes do not get done in this house unless I throw them in the dishwasher. So knowing my bottle will be safely washed in the dishwasher seals the deal with me.

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