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 In the week that I have had Carter home I have learned a lot: 
1. Sleep is for the week (according to him anyway)
2. You can never have enough Swaddle Blankets
3. I have fallen in love with cloth diapers.
Sew Is Your Baby is a family ran business that is sharing their love and passion for cloth diapers and it’s many benefits to their customers.

I was sent the extremely cute Brown & White Stones Minky Pocket Diaper to review. Not only are these diapers a pleasure to look at, but they feel incredible as well. I love the minky material on the outside of these diapers, they are soft, smooth and all other things that you can relate to a baby’s skin. The inside is lined with PUL, making it waterproof.

This diaper is very economical as well, as it is a one size diaper. For those of you who are new to cloth diapers, one size is exactly that: a diaper that grows with your baby from birth to potty training. Normally one size diapers are quite pricey but Sew Is Your Baby has them for a great price. This diaper retails for $14.00! That’s a heck of a price for the quality of diaper you’re getting. I was weary on how well this diaper would wash at first, and it’s fine. I haven’t had any issues at all.
The liner that comes with the diaper is really absorbent. It’s made out of micro fleece, which I have found is the way to go with cloth diaper liners. The micro fleece wicks away moisture from your baby’s bottom; keeping them comfortable and reduces the chances of diaper rash.
 Another awesome feature? It has snaps! Snaps are my favorite to use on diapers because I feel that when Carter gets older they will be harder for him to tear apart and take off. It’s also nice because the diaper will last longer. The hook and loop velcro closers wear out over time and stick to other diapers when you toss them in the dryer (I learned this the hard way the other day).
As for fit, it’s still a little too big for Carter, but he’s only six pounds right now. For the sake of the review, I did throw it on him the other afternoon and we were leak free and even though the diaper was a little baggy, I was impressed with how thin (or trim) the diaper itself is. Most cloth diapers are very bulky and make clothes tighter, this was the thinnest diaper I have tried. I cannot wait until he fits this diaper properly to use more often, and for a longer time period. It’s definitely one to show off!
I’m in Canada, and because of that I have a hard time online shopping because of high shipping costs. I am very appreciative of Sew Is Your Baby because they offer $2 shipping for three pounds or less worth of product. It’s fantastic that Sew Is Your Baby is making Cloth Diapering affordable for people, so everyone can experience the multiple benefits and the long term savings that cloth provides.
If you would like to purchase this diaper, click the “Buy It” Button below:

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