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There is something about kids being dressed up and “fancy” that makes me go “awe”. The cuteness factor is off the charts when the tiny humans dress up like us grown ups. I recently came across an online store that sells items that every parent would love to see their child in and I cannot wait to share it with you.
Taylor Joelle Designs is an online shop that specializes not only in clothing, shoes, and socks but also ties, headbands, pettiskirts and diaper covers. This trendy online shop will have your kids looking polished and always ready to take out. I am absolutely in love with the styles and design choices. They’re sharp, smart and sophisticated looking (while being age appropriate) and that’s something that is hard to find in children’s clothing. Most stores clothing options are a little tacky I find, but Taylor Joelle Designs is clean and vibrant. Taylor Joelle isn’t just for babies you can dress your children with Taylor Joelle Designs up until age 8.
I was sent the Mason’s Plaid Tie (in blue) to review. I first received this product before Carter was born and I couldn’t wait until he was here so I could put this tie on him and show him off. The size I have is 6 months to two years, so it’s a little large right now but so incredibly cute. My friend is getting married this summer and I’m so excited to find a dress shirt for him to wear to match this tie. He (and the tie) will be a huge hit.
The tie itself is very eye appealing. It’s vibrant, clean and nicer then any tie that my husband owns (Taylor Joelle also sells matching father/son ties too). All ties from Taylor Joelle Designs are made from a quality material and are soft to the touch.
For more information on please visit Taylor Joelle Designs website.

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