The Bewitchin’ Kitchen February Income Report

I’ve been asked to continue my income report series, so here we are – this was February.
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Income report for bloggers February.

If you like reading income reports, please take a look at this post I wrote a few weeks ago: What You Don’t See In Blogger’s Income Reports.

It’s been a while since I had a big breakdown of my income vs expenses and published a true income report. Last month I gave a quick breakdown to catch you all up but this month I’m getting into the nitty gritty.

New Expenses:

New Kajabi – I purchased Kajabi as a course hub and hosting platform for Lazy Girls Eat Healthy and to host my ebooks. It’s not cheap, but I find that it’s super easy to navigate!

Meet Edgar – TBK splits the expense for Meet Edgar with Click Start Club. This puts our Facebook page on autopilot, along with our Twitter. I don’t use it too much for TBK (as of yet) but I plan on it.

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This post contains affiliate links.


Everything is in Canadian dollars, all US currency was converted using the PayPal converter. All expenses are used for The Bewitchin’ Kitchen. Any other businesses are separate. 

Sponsored Posts: $1143.28
Sponsored Social Media: $0
The Healthy Grail + Delish Dressings: $11.68
Shareasale: $0
AdThrive: $4721.20
Amazon: $305
BBTV: $20.74
Other affiliates: $116.04

Total Income: $6312.99


Virtual Assistants + Contractors: $1190.31
Supplies (Office supplies, supplies for blog projects, and groceries for recipe development): $220.04
Adobe Photoshop CC: $14.57
ConvertKit: $128.35
FlyWheel (Host): $164.19
GSuite (Email): $5
Imagify Plugin: $6.09
Kajabi: $163.14
Meet Edgar: $31.47
Facebook + Pinterest Ads: $0
Travel: $823.81

Total Expenses: $3300.69

A big expense month! I’m working on lowering that (although the travel didn’t help).

This expense report does not include house bills, utilities, and data plan. 

See all past income reports, also check out the inspirational blogger income reports I wrote for Click Start Club.

Blog services that I’ve paid for and that I couldn’t live without or have made a difference:

TailwindBufferSkyrocket Blog Pageviews with Google AnalyticsDominate The Search Engines with Webmaster Tools, Food Blogger ProCONQUER the Layers of Search Engine Optimization.

This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. This is incredible! I can’t wait to dive into all of your income report posts to learn how to monetize my blog. Thank you so much for doing this!

    • You’re welcome 🙂 I haven’t done one in a few months, and I’m still debating if I will continue with them but I hope they help 🙂 I also have a blogging site called if you want more info 😀

  2. Hi,
    How much traffic do you get and from which traffic source and

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