Treating Travel Belly Cramps + Giveaway #BeatBellyCramps #Buscopan

Travelling can do a number on your body. The change of scenery, stress and new foods can affect your health. Here is how you can treat travel belly cramps.

I’ve done more travel in the past few months than I have in the past few years combined: Mexico, Whistler, multiple ports in the Caribbean, and Toronto. I had a great time at each getaway but something I could have done without were the belly cramps.

The worst of my belly cramps was when I was in Whistler. At first, I couldn’t tell if it was the change in food or the change in scenery but after listening to the signs that my body was giving me (and realizing that I hadn’t eaten much all morning) I realized it was travel stress. I was having an amazing time in Whistler, but that day I was psyching myself up to go Zip lining (I’m scared of heights), missing my son and I was in a different routine.

I did what I could to relax, but the belly cramps were not going away. Having those cramps almost ruined my trip, I almost bailed on our zip lining adventure and a trip to the spa, that’s how uncomfortable I was. I pushed through and distracted myself with the scenery and that seemed to work but I went through hours of uncertainty that dampened my trip.

So glad I didn’t bail on zip lining, look at what belly cramps almost made me miss!

Travel belly cramps are very common.

In fact, 3/4 of Canadians experience stomach cramps, and the first step for treating belly cramps is to listen to your gut. Is it food or stress? Last month I wrote about knowing your summer tummy triggers, and what foods are common with stomach cramps. Some of the foods listed may surprise you, it’s not all greasy fair food and food trucks.

Once you figure out if it’s food or stress, and you don’t feel that it’s a serious problem, it’s time to treat belly cramps at the source. 

An option for travel belly cramps is Buscopan®. Buscopan® is a behind the counter option for those of us who are ready to conquer our stomach cramps. Buscopan® works by relaxing our muscles that cause the cramping, allowing us to be more comfortable and able to enjoy our company, our surroundings, and our summer.

Talk to your pharmacist about Buscopan®, you won’t find it in the aisles but if you ask them they can get it for you behind the counter. Buscopan® relaxes those tight, cramping muscles in the stomach and intestine, bringing relief to your cramps and it lets you get back to enjoying your summer fun.


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To learn more, check out or speak with your pharmacist.

This conversation has been brought to you by Buscopan®. All opinions are my own.

62 comments on “Treating Travel Belly Cramps + Giveaway #BeatBellyCramps #Buscopan”

  1. I get lots of cramps whether I’m traveling or not so I always have some medication with me to help but when traveling I also try to make sure I stay on schedule with eating and exercising. The more regular my schedule stays, the less likely I am to get cramps.

  2. I always have to find somewhere to lay down for a bit. It helps.

  3. I always carry a Ginger Ale with me.

  4. If I am near a store then ginger-ale to sip on. If not then its antacid pills that I always carry.

  5. I always have medications with Me when I travel

  6. This would be a wonderful prize to win. Thank you for this chance.

  7. i don’t have any tips! i do not know how to ease stomach cramps while travelling! i try to drink lots of water and eat fruits/veggies.

  8. I try to avoid food that will cause it and have my peppermint tea on stand by

  9. Candied ginger is a secret weapon for me to avoid belly cramps.

  10. I like to have peppermint or spearmint tea to soothe stomach cramps.

  11. I generally don’t have a problem, but some ginger ale would be my first go to

  12. herbal tea usually helps out…also some good stretches!

  13. I carry some ginger tablets with me when I travel – great natural way to ease a sore stomach

  14. I have my Buscopan on me at all times. Laying on my left side really helps as well.

  15. I always have pepto and gravol with me when I travel.

  16. I take Tylenol for my cramps!

  17. I like to sip one gingerale or tablets

  18. I drink only bottled water when I travel plus take medication

  19. I steer clear of greasy foods and always have medication with me!

  20. I always make sure I have a warm pack with me that can be easily heated up in the microwave to ease any cramps.

  21. Pack healthy snacks so you don’t have to stop for fast food along the way.

  22. I chew a gum to settle down the feeling and when it gets worse I always bring my OTC medication.

  23. I try to drink lots of water, eat very lightly and stick to bland foods. I also find lying on my left side to be helpful!

  24. I usually chew gum or mints, a tip my grandmother told me about. It helps a bit.

  25. i take tylenol with me

  26. I usually try to remember to take meds with me when travelling.

  27. Maintaining my heathy eating habits while we are traveling & take some Metamucil Fibre Powder‎ with us, really works and easy!!

  28. I make sure I eat, so my stomach doesn’t get full of air. I stay away from greasy & heavy foods. Lots of clear herbal teas. And of course my stash of immodium, gas-X, gravol & tums. You never know when you might need them!

  29. I put a hot pack on my stomach and drink ginger tea to ease stomach pains

  30. I drink only bottled water when I travel

  31. Drink water

  32. I always have gingerale handy

  33. I drink some Camomille tea. Always have some in my purse.

  34. Ginger tea! My bestie brought it home for me when she travelled last year

  35. ginger ale is great, always works well

  36. I take Gravol

  37. I swear by peppermint tea or ginger ale and a Gravol.

  38. i actually take buscopan. and i love my heating pad

  39. I try to keep up my fiber intake with fresh fruit, this seems to help me.

  40. I have to lay down. 🙁

  41. I drink tea to help.


  43. ginger. thanks

  44. I always have medication with me

  45. This is always a travel problem for me, sometimes sipping a cup or two of tea helps.

  46. I take an advil and if it doesn’t pass, I will rest.

  47. I usually take medications like Kaopectate with my on vacations.

  48. I usually drink lots of water and hope that it goes away!

  49. I usually try to not eat or drink much before travelling in the car and we make frequent pit stops.

  50. I make sure to have ginger on hand. That helps settle stomach . drink a lot of water esp if you needed to bring your own to drink make sure you have lots on hand and sip slowly .

  51. I meditate.

  52. usually I just deal with them if I am travling, if I am at home I sit with a heating pad

  53. Lots of stretch breaks – walking even a little bit helps! Never heard of Buscopan – intrigued!

  54. Usually ginger or ginger ale helps as well as White grape juice

  55. I’m short on tips for stomach cramps while travelling but I’ve been dealing with them more often than usual this summer 🙁

  56. When I have a stomachache all I know to do is drink Ginger ale and go to bed hoping it stops soon!

  57. Drink ginger ale !

  58. When my stomach is upset, I take a peppermint candy, it usually settles it, if not some flat gingerale

  59. I use OTC meds, different ones for different cramps, Advil for regular & period cramps & Immodium or Gravol for cramps that I think are caused by other things.

  60. I take gravol, drink tea, and try a hot both when I can.

  61. To easy my stomach distress, I carry peppermints, just plain ones, find they do the best job

  62. I always drink flat ginger ale

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