Conquer Stomach Cramps and Know Your Summer Tummy Triggers

This sunny season, many of us may experience stomach cramps. Whether it’s food, stress or anxiety our bodies (at some point) will try to communicate with us this summer.

Conquer your stomach cramps. Summer can bring on a lot of food that happens to be tummy triggers. Here are a few foods that cause stomach aches and ways to beat belly cramps.

Here in Canada, we don’t get a lot of the summer season so we do the best we can to compact as much fun in the sun as possible. This summer I have a few family vacations planned and a lot of backyard BBQ’s ahead of me. It’s going to be busy, but it’s going to be a lot of fun.

I’m excited for the food and recipes that I’ll be sampling (and creating for you) but I am also aware that there will be days in excess. Friday nights are our steak nights. We usually have steak, veggies, a potato of some sort (twice baked are my favorite), red wine and we even throw in some chocolate towards the end of the night. That’s a lot of rich food, and I have a sensitive stomach. I often feel frustrated that I suffer from stomach cramps when I have a treat evening once a week. It’s not something I’m willing to give up, as it’s a night my whole family looks forward to.

Now that I know that our Friday night ritual is a tummy trigger, I’m ready for a solution.

Stomach Cramps + Buscopan®

Buscopan® is a behind the counter option for those of us who are ready to conquer our stomach cramps. Buscopan® works by relaxing our muscles that cause the cramping, allowing us to be more comfortable and able to enjoy our company, our surroundings, and our summer.

The first step is to listen to our bodies.

Food is a common tummy trigger (for stomach and gut cramps). There is a difference between a post-meal tummy ache and something more serious, so listen to your body and watch how it reacts. It’s a good idea to journal how you feel after certain foods and to compare it to next time.

Research shows that there are certain foods that are linked to tummy troubles and a recent poll found that Canadians are consuming many of these tough-on-your tummy foods 5-7 times per week.

It’s not always rich foods either. Beans, grains, foods high in fructose and cruciferous vegetables are also known to cause stomach cramps and gas. Coffee and spicy foods are also known culprits (they’re actually a big culprit with me as well, but I love my coffee rituals in the morning and crave spicy food often). Most people reach for the antacids, but antacids don’t target the cause of the pain, the cramping muscles.

Conquer your stomach cramps. Summer can bring on a lot of food that happens to be tummy triggers. Here are a few foods that cause stomach aches and ways to beat belly cramps.

Ways to relieve stomach cramps: 

Many Canadians use heat, home remedies, and over-the-counter medications to relieve their stomach cramps.

Of course, prevention is key; it’s a good idea to avoid your triggers but life happens. Whether you can’t turn down Aunt Sue’s famous broccoli salad, my Sweet Sriracha Chicken Wings, or that treat from the food truck, it’s good to have a backup plan.

Talk to your pharmacist about Buscopan®, you won’t find it in the aisles but if you ask them they can get it for you behind the counter. Buscopan® relaxes those tight, cramping muscles in the stomach, intestine and bowel, bringing relief to your cramps and it lets you get back to enjoying your summer fun.

To learn more, check out or speak with your pharmacist.

This conversation has been brought to you by Buscopan®. All opinions are my own.

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