Accent Studios Wall Decal Baby Gift Guide

 No Bringing Home Baby Gift Guide would be complete without talking about the nursery. The nursery is your “command post”. It’s where they sleep, get changed and spend a lot of time in. For me, it was really important to have the perfect decor and I have now achieved it, thanks to Accent Studios.
  The idea and vision of Accent Studios was first contrived by Steven Bennett. “My whole motivation is to make things better than they currently are. Whether it’s wall decals.. or, whatever, I just want to improve things.” Steven believed he could create a means that would allow people to easily express themselves and bring out their own personality while at the same time, decorate their homes. Accent Studios specializes in high quality vinyl, which we turn into amazing wall decals. Vinyl wall decals are an in-expensive way to add great non-permanent designs to your wall space. They are ideal for rentals (residential and commercial), or apartments and dorms; Virtually any wall or surface that you want to bring to life. 
There was one spot in my nursery that was missing something, and it was driving me crazy, so when Accent Studios said they would send me a sample to review I was hoping it would be just the finishing touch that I needed. I received my vinyl wall design while I was staying at The Ronald McDonald House and it only furthered my anticipation to get home, I couldn’t wait to finish the nursery.

I was finally able to apply the wall decal the other day and the end results are phenomenal. I chose to receive the “A Perfect Ten” decal and it was exactly what the room needed, I couldn’t be happier. My room is now complete, and that once empty wall has never looked better.
 Accent Studios has a lot of selection for your household decor, including for the nursery. One thing that sets Accent Studios apart from other companies who retail in vinyl decals is the unique designs. After a while, it seems like all the companies have the same or similar designs on their sites and it gets old. Accent Studios had fresh ideas and inspiration and a different concept then the rest of the companies I have browsed at (just like my decal, I have never seen a baby footprint design before).
The application went on smooth for the most part. I did have a few issues with the decal sticking to the paper, but after a couple deep breaths I managed. I’m not one to have patience for this kind of thing, so when I was able to get this up perfectly within ten minutes I was relieved. To apply is simple, rub the decal with the squeegee that’s provided to transfer it to the contact paper. Then place it on your wall and make sure it’s where you would like it and rub on, peel back slowly and carefully and viola! Your room has great decor and a fun accent piece.
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  1. This is very cute

  2. How adorable!! Wish I’d had this when my girls were wee.

  3. Love wall decals they are a great way to add to your walls. we have puppy paw prints in our sons room

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