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I have worked with Bummas in the past, but that was before I had a little one of my own. These cloth wipes are so versatile and are not limited to just baby needs (as I used them all the time pre-baby), but now that I have a little munchkin of my own I can confidently say that if you’re bringing home a baby Bummas are a must have on your list.
Bummas was born when the creator had a child of their own. They were given a lot of advice that commonly contradicted itself such as, Use the wet commercial wipes, don’t use the wet commercial wipes, use gauze; use whatever is handy to block the pee; use another diaper to block the pee; don’t use that, use this; use powder to dry them off, don’t use powder-it contains talc and studies have linked talc to cancer.” Even with all that “helpful” advice no one told them about what to do when your baby’s bottom was too wet to put the diaper back on after the initial clean up and that is how Bummas came to be.
What I love about Bummas cloth wipes is the weight. They’re a little heavier then then my wash cloths that I have for Carter. I find this beneficial because I am confident that when I cover his privates with the Bummas cloth when I go to change him that if he decides to go #1, the Bummas cloth will keep him covered (and myself and the walls dry).
I use my Bummas cloths for everything: bathing him, cloth wipes, drying him after changes (which helps with preventing diaper rash), cleaning up messes. The list goes on and on. I find the Bummas cloths to be so absorbent that I use the set that I received from my last Bummas review to help maintain the tidiness in my home.

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  1. I would get the girls!

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