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Cloth diapers are so much fun, not only because of how cute they are but because of all the fun accessories that come with it. One of my favorite aspects to cloth diapering has to be wet bags. They are just too much fun, especially now when you can buy such fun ones from BABYbydanish.
About BABY by danish from their website
At BABY by danish, we love to look good while making healthy choices for our family and earth. That’s why we’ve created our unique line of wet bags. As a mother of a young child, I found that I needed a high quality waterproof bag to store wet wipes, dirty diapers, soiled clothes, & wet swimsuits. As a designer, I needed my wet bag to be an attractive accessory that I loved to carry with me. Here at BABY by danish, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your own sense of fashion for function. We’ve designed an attractive line of wet bags, that you can be proud to carry with you. Soggy messes have never looked so good!
As most of my followers know, I am currently staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Red Deer and heading over to the NICU everyday to see Carter. My husband stays on the weekends and visits every night during the week (he still has to work), because I’m not at home he has been bringing me my mail (aka product reviews) and my wet bag from BABYbydanish was one of them. At first I thought, “What am I going to do with a wet bag here? I’m not able to use my cloth diapers yet.” Well I found a new use!

Every morning I walk to the hospital and I bring my breast milk that I pump and store during the night at the RMH. I use my stunning Black &White Damask Classic Wet Bag to transport them , I first did it because I thought it was convenient and now I do it to save my supplies in my other bag I carry (camera, phone, etc). Last week when I got to the NICU I was surprised to find that one of my bottle’s lid had not been screwed on tight enough (I’m assuming it must have been a 3 am pump) and spilled it’s entire contents in the wet bag. I was not happy about the wasted milk that I had worked so hard for, but I was relieved that I had my wet bag. If I didn’t, the milk would have ruined my iPhone, brand new (expensive) camera and my baby book I was carrying.
So thank you BABYbydanish for your amazing wet bags. They work phenomenally and keep you stylish while keeping the wet (and odors) from interrupting your day.

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  1. Love the Blue Tweet Classic Wet Bag!

  2. Black & White Damask Classic Wet Bag. tiffanykreh [at] gmail

  3. I like blue tweet

  4. I like the Green Damask Classic Wet Bag

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