Catamaran Resort and Spa in San Diego

During our 48 hours in San Diego, we stayed at the Catamaran Resort and Spa. I wanted to share a little bit from our stay with you, in case you head down to the southern California coast.

I loved staying at the Catamaran Resort and Spa located in Mission Bay. It's one of the beautiful beach resorts in San Diego, California. Perfect for family travel.

The Catamaran Resort is an experience on its own. From the tropical feel as soon as you walk in, the Parrot shows and dining under the stars next to the ocean. There is fun for all ages at the beach resort.

Catamaran Resort and Spa

View of the ocean from the Catamaran Resort and Spa in San Diego, California. Amazing place for the family to travel too.

The view from our room at sunrise.

Walking Mission Bay outside the Catamaran Resort and Spa in San Diego. A great place for free fitness and family travel!

The Catamaran Resort is located right on the ocean, Mission Bay to be exact. The beach itself is well groomed and there were rentals at the end of the pier. I wish we stayed an extra day in San Diego to have a family beach day, but we were limited on time. I loved to see all the families being active together, riding bikes, roller blading, or taking a walk.

48 Hours in San Diego? Go to the beach and make family travel memories!

Although it was chilly (it was early January after all), my son loved playing on the beach.

Catamaran Resort Room Tour

Here’s a quick room tour of our seaside room.

Catamaran Resort Parrots & Ducks
The ducks at the Catamaran Resort

My son was in his glory here with all the ducks! While walking our path to our room we would stop to say hello to the ducks everywhere (on the grass, walkway, and the ponds). He still talks about them.


My favorite were the parrots. We were able to catch a few demonstrations and learned a bit about parrots (they’re really smart). Check the video out and you can see how they also have a sense of humor.

More Family Fun

The Catamaran has a pool, hot tub and arcade. Fun for all ages at this seaside resort in San Diego!

There is so much for families at the Catamaran Resort. The beach, the rentals, and even a pool and arcade! What I like is that mom can go for a spa day while they kids and husbands are perfectly content! I never had the chance to check out the spa, that’s for next time.

The Catamaran has a pool, hot tub and arcade. Fun for all ages at this seaside resort in San Diego!

The pool was a huge hit with my kid (when is it not?) I preferred the hot tub (seen above). What I liked about the hot tub was that it was large so you’re not rubbing up to strangers (I avoid hot tubs if there are more than a few people in it usually). On the pool deck they also had a BBQ and a bar, they were closed since it was chilly outside but I can see it being a fun way to spend the afternoon during the warmer months.

The Catamaran has a pool, hot tub and arcade. Fun for all ages at this seaside resort in San Diego!

Right off the pool is an arcade. This resort is made for families! My son had so much fun attempting DDR and some of the old school games I remember from when I was a kid.

Catamaran Resort and Spa - A beautiful place to stay in San Diego California, right on Mission Bay.

For more information on The Catamaran Resort, or to book please visit their website.

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Disclosure: I was hosted by The Catamaran Beach Resort and Spa in sunny San Diego. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks like a great resort! I love the relaxed ambiance and that close to nature feel. I wish I can visit this resort one day.

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