Destination: Calgary


Calgary is one of my favorite cities to visit. I only live an two hours away but I don’t head there too often, which I question every time I visit.

There is something about that particular city, it’s so… vibrant. Every time I do make my way to the south I’m amazed just how much more it has grown. There is so much Calgary has to offer. The Calgary Zoo is one of the best zoos Canada has to offer and I can’t wait until Carter is old enough to enjoy it (my husband and I have visited there sans children before, and it’s still tons of fun). The city itself is beautiful. Being from British Columbia I appreciate the fact that the Rocky Mountains make up the scenic background to the city.

Calgary hosted the winter Olympics back in 1988 and I have driven past the Olympic park many times on my way to Banff, it’s awe inspiring and a great way to spend the day. (Another activity that I’m waiting for Carter to get a little bigger – I want to ride the bobsleds.)

My favorite activity Calgary has to offer? Shopping. There are so many fantastic shopping spaces from Market Mall to Chinook. I plan on heading there in January to spend some of my Christmas money and gift cards for a fun day of shopping. To make it extra special I plan on spending the night at Calgary executive suites by Roseman Group. (Fingers crossed Grandma comes down for the weekend to take the little guy.) Eric and I haven’t had a night out since Valentine’s Day (that’s a couple weeks before Carter was born) and we’re desperate for some adult time. Nothing screams fun then shopping all day, a nice dinner and an overnight stay in luxury accommodations.

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  1. This is a great pic!

  2. My brother lives in Calgary, I think it’s been about 14 years since I’ve went his way to visit him. It was nice, went to Lake Louise and Drumheller and to Edmonton during that visit.

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