MilkSense: World’s First Breastfeeding Monitor #MilkSense

MilkSense Did you know that approximately 77% of US mothers breastfeed their baby? Did you also know that by six months, the number drops to approximately 49%, and by 12 months the number is approximately 27%? I stopped at 6 weeks. It’s not as though I wanted to stop, the truth is that I felt defeated by it. We all want what’s best for our babies, and my goal was 6 months or longer. My son was in the NICU for the first 30 days of his life, and I became used to the technical side of things. We even had a white board that mimicked what we were used to in the NICU because that was the way we were used to things. The whiteboard we used had the following:

  • Time of feeds
  • Amount of milk given (I exclusively pumped as I couldn’t track how much he was getting just by feeding)
  • Amount of milk my son drank.

I wasn’t producing enough milk, and it was very frustrating for me. After my husband accidentally left out weeks worth of breast milk from the freezer; I was done. For me, there was so much anxiety associated with breastfeeding: was I producing enough? Was my son eating enough? I didn’t like how I couldn’t measure it; didn’t work well with my type A personality and the way I was used to things from the NICU. I really wish they had a system like MilkSense when I was breastfeeding with my son. I would have been more comfortable with breastfeeding him since I would have been able to track it. Just a note: the MilkSense device cannot work for preemies. They must be at least 4.4 lbs I order to track the milk. MilkSense Products

MilkSense: What Is It?

MilkSense is the world’s first breastfeeding monitor. It will give your peace of mind and accuracy when it comes to feeding your little one. With MilkSense you can do the following:

  • measure the amount of milk in each breast
  • measure the amount of milk that baby consumed
  • track the side, date, and time of each feeding
  • track baby’s weight gain
  • learn your productivity by side and time of day, and so much more.

MilkSense Breastfeeding Monitor

MilkSense: How Does It Work?

MilkSense helps you to determine the amount of milk your baby receives. The monitor collects data from you (the mother), allowing the device to become personalized. MilkSense tells mom how much her baby breastfeeds, giving peace of mind and reassurance. It just takes a 10 second pre and post feeding read to determine measurements. Then it uploads to the MilkSense PC Suite to record feeding patterns and gives you the information you need to ensure your child is receiving the milk they need and tracks their growth. No additional apps or logs are needed. MilkSense does it all for you. Benefits of MilkSense:

  • Know when your breasts are fullest to be more efficient with your time.
  • Eliminates the need for other breastfeeding logs, lists and apps. MilkSense can track:length of time since last feed and which side, plus the average amount of milk consumed per breast, fullness at different times of the day, baby’s weight gain over time, and more.
  • Provides important feeding and related growth charts for you and your baby’s physician.

Here’s a quick video that shows you MilkSense in action:

MilkSense BScaleAlong with the MilkSense system, there is also the Bscale. The Bscale will weigh your baby, which means not extra trips to the clinic to weigh and record your baby’s growing progress. The Bscale will keep track of your baby’s progress, can produce growth charts and is able to track two babies at a time. I wish I had this when my son was a baby. The last thing I wanted to do as a new mom was haul my son and his car seat to the clinic to weigh up for updates in his baby book. MilkSense is truly one of a kind and provides new moms with information that they never had before. It’s PVC, BPA and Phthalates free and there is never contact with baby. It’s safe for mom and will not affect your milk quality. MilkSense will be available in select US Walmart stores and in early January 2015! For more information on MilkSense, please visit

MilkSense Twitter Party

MilkSense Twitter Party

MilkSense is having a Twitter Party.
When: Thursday, January 15
When: 8-9:30 PM EST
Hashtag: #MilkSense
Hosts: @AskMamaMoe and @MilkSense


15 comments on “MilkSense: World’s First Breastfeeding Monitor #MilkSense”

  1. I was just having this conversation with a new mom over the holidays, it’s so hard when you can’t tell how much the baby is actually getting. this will be welcomed by many new moms I’m sure

  2. My favourite aspect of this product is the scale. It was a huge pain to get out to the clinic to weigh my son, and I love the idea of being able to do it accurately at home.

    • Loading my son in his bulky car seat (which weighed a ton) was a huge inconvenience for me when I went to just have him weighed at the clinic. The scale seems amazing!

  3. When I had my daughter I wanted to breast feed, but she just wasn’t taking to it. So I did formula. I was never shown by any nurse in the hospital how to do it, I had a friend come in and show me to make sure I was doing it right. This would be so helpful to all new moms . IT is great that they are coming up with new ways to help save time when we are so busy learning about our new baby. If I was to have another child (probably not going to happen at my age now) this would be something I would definitely want to get.

  4. That is so cool! I’m forwarding this page on to my sis-in-law, ’cause we were actually discussing her new baby’s feeding habits and all the guess work that’s involved. She would LOVE to have a better idea of what Oh Henry is actually consuming.

  5. Breast feeding is such a complicated process. Society tells us we are bad mothers if we dont, but there are so many unanswered questions when we do. Are we feeding them enough? Are they growing properly? This product sounds like an amazing help to answer some of these questions!

  6. having had a preemie, I know the added anxiety nursing can cause, on top of being a new parent. My premie never latched on in hospital so I had NO idea what I was doing or how to tell if he was drinking….. such a great item to have!

  7. I am so happy that someone finally invented such a device and put a patent on it!! When I was nursing my 5, I had no idea whether I was giving enough or TOO much milk!! Now my daughter is due in March and she is already anxious about nursing, what a great device to ease a new mother’s mind, they have so much to worry about already! Thank you for bringing this to social media!! See you soon 🙂

  8. not sure i rsvp’d correctly. first time. sorry

  9. I remember the stress of feeding preemies well. But I have to say that feeding full term babies can be just as difficult. I love the concept of this machine and can’t wait to give it a try.

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