DIY Ruffled Tree Skirt

This no sew DIY Ruffled Tree Skirt is an easy Christmas craft to bring a classy decor to your Christmas Tree. A DIY Tree skirt doesn’t have to be complicated! Trust me, I’m not a crafty person and I created this with no problems!

 This DIY Christmas tree skirt is such an easy craft. DIY Christmas crafts made simple are a great way to craft with the family! With this tutorial from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen homemade Christmas decorations are easier then you think (and it's no sew).

I’m not a do it yourself kind of a person.

I don’t have the patience and I’m not all that crafty. Seriously, my stuff could be on Pinterest fails.

This year I wanted to change that. After falling in love with a ruffled tree skirt on Etsy (but not with the $180 price tag) I decided that this was going to be the project to tackle.

So I ran to the craft store to start my DIY ruffled tree skirt!

DIY Ruffled Tree Skirt

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I was really excited to start this project.

I love the idea of a handmade Christmas decor item, especially an item like a DIY ruffled tree skirt. I wanted to do something in neutral colors so when I decide to change up my tree decor, I could always use my handmade skirt.

I originally got the idea from HGTV. I wrote down the supplies they used, simplified it a bit and swapped a few of the materials out for more affordable options. I did keep their technique of making ruffles and hot-gluing them to the base.

This was an easy project, but very time-consuming. It took about 5-6 hours and a lot of labor went into it (my knees and back were killing me at the end), but I’m so happy it’s done.

I’m incredibly proud of this homemade tree skirt.

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DIY Tree Skirt

Materials Used:

How to Make a Tree Skirt

This DIY Christmas tree skirt is such an easy craft. DIY Christmas crafts made simple are a great way to craft with the family! With this tutorial from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen homemade Christmas decorations are easier then you think (and it's no sew).

First I made a few cuts. One in the middle and around the edges (to make it round).

To do this I folded up the felt to make sure my cuts were even.

I then made a slit down the middle (this is so you can get it around the tree). Heat up your glue gun.

This DIY Christmas tree skirt is such an easy craft. DIY Christmas crafts made simple are a great way to craft with the family! With this tutorial from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen homemade Christmas decorations are easier then you think (and it's no sew)!

Take your fabric and cut 2″ strips; don’t worry about it too much if they’re not even.

Mine definitely wasn’t and I think it added to the charm of the skirt.

Predetermine where the fabric will be glued on, you want the edges of your cotton to overhang a bit, about 1-2″.

Take your glue gun and (in little sections at a time) glue your fabric on. How you decide to make your ruffles will probably be what’s easier for you, but the above photo shows how I did it.

This DIY Christmas tree skirt is such an easy craft. DIY Christmas crafts made simple are a great way to craft with the family! With this tutorial from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen homemade Christmas decorations are easier then you think (and it's no sew)!

I ran out of fabric (for the second time) right at the end.

I called it good enough for this tutorial but I will have to go back to the craft store later today and finish up. I made the skirt really big.

This DIY Christmas tree skirt is such an easy craft. DIY Christmas crafts made simple are a great way to craft with the family! With this tutorial from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen homemade Christmas decorations are easier then you think (and it's no sew)!

Finishing this project felt amazing.

A huge sense of accomplishment and now I’ll have a special, sentimental Christmas tree skirt as a decoration to enjoy with my family for years to come.

This DIY Ruffled tree skirt is such an easy craft. DIY Christmas crafts made simple are a great way to craft with the family! With this tutorial from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen homemade Christmas decorations are easier then you think (and it's no sew)!

Update: It’s two years later and my DIY Ruffled tree skirt still looks amazing. Each year I have to fluff it up a bit after being in storage, but that’s it!

Update: After my fifth Christmas with this homemade tree skirt, I finally decided to toss this tree skirt as being stored and flattened for 11 months of the year has made it seen better days. Not bad though, I’m glad to have got 5 years out of it!

Answer this question in the comments below: Do you craft special items for the holidays?

This Christmas I’ll be adding as many handmade touches on the holidays as I can.

This project is done, but I’m also wanting to make my own gift wrap and a few other decorations.

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DIY Ruffled Christmas Tree Skirt . This DIY tree skirt is an easy Christmas craft: no sew and it looks beautiful!

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  1. Wow, that’s pretty amazing! Good for you for trying something new and sticking with it – you must be thrilled. I think the skirt looks gorgeous, you’ll enjoy it for years to come!

  2. Wow that turned out beautiful!

  3. So beautiful! When I first saw it I thought it was sewed together! I can’t sew! Now gluegunning I can do! Love it!

  4. Love this skirt Randa it is so classy!!

  5. This looks great! Are you sure its no-sew…..? 😀

  6. I am very impressed! The skirt is beautiful. It certainly appears that you are a d.i.y.-er! 🙂


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  8. This is really beautiful! I wish that I could make this for our house. Unfortunately, it would not be seen, because we have a gigantic village underneath our tree (which gets bigger and bigger each year).

    • That sounds beautiful! I want to start collecting village pieces.

    • Oh, you should! It’s beautiful to look at! Some of them can be very expensive, though. But if you buy them after Christmas with the discounts, or if you can find them at thrift stores, they are very affordable 🙂 Another option is, if you don’t mind them being much smaller, The Dollar Tree sells houses/buildings, and some people as well. We have a combination of bigger and smaller buildings, so I use the smaller ones towards the back, like in paintings: the smaller objects are further away 🙂

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  10. Looks beautiful!

  11. You did an incredible job, you could make and sell these. Beautiful work, I am very impressed

  12. Wow the skirt is stunning! I absolutely have to do this. Thanks so much for sharing. Now I have yet another project to do.

  13. It is beautiful

  14. That’s so beautiful! What an accomplishment and it looks way better than many skirts that I have seen in stores.

  15. I love how the ruffles make it look so full. Mine is store bought and is small and limp. Maybe I will give this a try to get some fullness effect! Thanks for the idea!!

  16. This is such a great idea!

  17. This looks so beautiful!

  18. That is such a pretty and elegant design! I love it

  19. That is absolutely gorgeous! Very time consuming but you are absoultely right, those are the projects that you end up appreciating the most 🙂

  20. I love this! Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

  21. This is really cute! I don’t think the white would make it in our house, but maybe a red ruffle skirt? Nice!

  22. That looks awesome Randa, but I have to say that I think our cat would have wayyyyy to much fun with it lol.

  23. This is really cute .You did an awsome job on it ..

  24. I love your tree skirt! It’s so romantic! I’ve pinned this for sure! Beautiful.
    House of Highlnads

  25. Thanks for participating in linky party..:)!!!

  26. Wow. you are not only amazing in the kitchen…. you’re pretty spfiffy with that glue gun too! A 10 out of 10 – gorgeous!!! I’m pinning this at my most popular board!!! Thanks for linking it up at the It’s fun having you partying with us. A new party will open in a mere few hours….

  27. Does the white fabric fray at all after it has been cut. Just wonder how this is going to hold up in a few years after all the work of making it. Thanks 🙂

    • Mine isn’t too bad Jennie. You can see a tiny bit of fray (from cutting) but it’s not out of hand or really noticeable (it’s year #2 now).

  28. This is the most beautiful Christmas Tree Skirt I’ve ever seen and really its realatively simple to make! I love it!

  29. I have already pinned your Ruffle Skirt twice on two boards and shared it with followers! I think my daughter and I will attempt this project for next year’s Christmas tree! Simply stunning! 🙂

  30. What a beautiful job you did. It is very elegant.

  31. What a lovely skirt for the tree. It looks like it can be a wedding dress. Really beautiful and for someone who doesn’t do crafts you did a fantastic job!

  32. You just gave me the perfect project. I’ve been wanting to make a tree skirt for years now. The one I finally threw away last year was a cheap ugly small thing from Kmart. I’d rather not have a skirt than that thing. But now I have found the ONE! I need it to be washable so I think I’ll try to sew mine. I have some beautiful battenburg lace material. I don’t know if I have enough though. Maybe I should intermix it with real lace on top of the felt like you. I’m getting so excited!!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  33. How big is this if you don’t mind…love it

    • You know, I’m not 100%. It’s in storage right now, otherwise, I would try to measure. It extends out to just before the end of the branches, but you can make it as big (or small) as you want. It’s totally customizable. I wish I made mine bigger.

    • Thanks so much I’m gonna try this week I want to have it big enough for a full 7 foot

    • My tree is 7 1/2′ so it should work 🙂

  34. This is such a fun and pretty skirt. Great instructions too. With regard to needing to fluff it out every year, you can hang it as if it was a skirt you’d wear (maybe from a regular wooden hanger, instead of a skirt hanger) and then your ruffles won’t be crushed by being stored away in a box.

  35. Making one right now! Two rows of burlap, one row red, on row lime green, then two rows burlap, etc… Cant wait to see it finished!! Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  36. What is the diameter of your beautiful skirt? I could not find felt that is very wide. I am definitely trying this.

    • Hey Gina,

      I’m not quite sure. I’m out of town at the moment. It’s not as wide as I wish it was. If I were to do it again, I would buy double the felt and over lap it and glue it together.

  37. Can this go in the washer should it get dirty? 

  38. This is so beautiful! I have read through your comments and I think I am going to attempt this! I think my tree is 8ft so I am going to double to the felt and maybe I will mix some burlap in.  Although the cream is so beautiful! So many ideas! Thanks for sharing this!!

    • I wish I made mine longer (or wider?). Where it extends past the tree a little further. You can glue more felt at the bottom and then add the ruffles… they’ll hide it.

  39. Randa – I have made thousands of ornaments and decorations but by far your ruffled tree skirt surpasses everything I have made over the last 40 years. I think just after Christmas I’m going to make one, to copy is the highest compliment I can offer you.
    Also, if you truly are interested in Village Pieces, I have several Department 56 sets that I am willing to sell at a reasonable price, let me know if you have any interest in them. E-mail me for my phone number if your have any interest in the Department 56 pieces.

  40. I have wanted to make one of these so badly. Do you think you could use white sheets (new ones of course) to make these? I would just really want a white one that could be fluffed up or even ironed easily. As long as I don’t get close together o the glue. Let me know what you think. Yours is absolutely beautiful. You were looking for homemade ideas. Try making a putz house. Basically they are the little glitter houses that seem to be all the rage lately. I can remember my mom having them when I was little and now I make them. I’m just getting ready to open a store in Etsy selling then. Very time consuming but I love doing it.

  41. How many yards of fabric did you actually end up using? I am in the process of making this right now and ran out of 5 yards very quickly! Got about 4 and 1/4 rows done! I am making mine larger as well since we always have very large trees. This is a beautiful project! I cut my strips at 3 inches instead of two as well. I can’t wait for it to be done! I have been eyeballing this project for a good three years now so I’m so stoked to be doing it! 

    • I used everything that I listed in the instructions. Good call on the 3″, I wish I did that!

      As the years go on I swear they shrink haha. I thought I tossed it last year, but I found it in my decoration bin and I have it under my tree for one final year. <3

  42. Hi love the ideal I’m wanting to make a grinch theme ruffled tree skirt so I want to use like 5 different patterns of fabric but not sure how much fabric to buy, can u help me with that. Want to do like 2 rows of grinch theme fabric & 3 rolls of fabric that are solid red or green, maybe a roll of dots or stripes. I have brought the 10’ alpine bendable tree so I can have the whoville bent too tree. And suggestions welcomed & appreciated. I saw a grinch theme ruffled skirt on esty for $190 I was like oh how cute but dang break the bank.  

  43. What size is the tree skirt 42’ 48’ 52’?? Thank u!

  44. Every year I make a new tree skirt. I wanted both of my boys to be able to choose the one(s) they wanted for their homes one day. It turned into a haha thing, now whomever the family member is that has a “fit” over it, it is gifted to them the following Christmas, early enough to be used for their tree that year. This years tree skirt is being done out of dyed dropcloths, in all neutral tones/shades, and I have to say this one is going to stay at our house!!! Thank you for the tutorial; every year it is my go to for any reminders or visuals if I feel that something doesn’t “look normal”. You did an amazing job, and your inspiration will forever be part of our Christmas Decor & Traditions in more than one house!!!

    • Laura, your comment means to much to me <3 It really warmed my heart thank you so much for sharing. I LOVE your tradition. It's so amazing and fun and something the kids will always remember.

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