Dyson DC78 Cinetic Turbinehead Animal

Thinking about getting a Dyson DC78 Animal? Be sure to read this first. The results are shocking

I consider myself a clean person, I dust daily and vacuum every second day. With a son with asthma, I do my best to keep up on anything that could trigger an attack. I have been testing out the Dyson DC78 Turbinehead Animal over the past few weeks and you guys, I’m seriously shocked at the difference it has made.

DC78 Turbinehead Animal review - unboxing

Dyson DC78 | What’s Cinetic™ Cyclone Technology?

Not only is the Dyson DC78 bagless, there are no filters to clean. Aside from emptying the large capacity canister from time to time, there is no maintenance with the Dyson DC78. No expensive and hard to find bags to buy (the bags I had to buy for my previous vacuum were not sold locally and in the end cost me $48 for 5), and no filters to wash and wait 24 hours to dry!

So how does it work?

Most bagless vacuums use inefficient cyclones to separate dirt and dust from the air. Dust that isn’t captured passes onto the filter – clogging it.

Dyson Cinetic Cyclone TechnologyDyson uses 54 Cinetic™ cyclones that have high frequency oscillating tips that vibrate. What this does is it prevents clogs, the dirt is shaken out and separates the dust, eliminating the need for a filter.

What this means for you:

  • No loss of suction. In fact, Dyson went a step further in their testing to ensure that your Dyson DC78 will never lose suction in it’s lifetime. In their tests, the Dyson successfully sucked up 10 years worth of dust with no loss of suction.
  • As I said before, no bags to buy and no filters to wash.
  • Captures allergens and expels clean air.

The Dyson DC78 & Allergens:

As I mentioned earlier, my son has breathing problems and since he’s been born I have been made more aware of surrounding allergens.

Did you know that other vacuums often have inefficient cyclones? What that means is that the microscopic particles (think mould spores, pollen) travel to the filter. If the machine isn’t properly sealed (which most are not), the allergens and other microscopic particles escape back into the home and into your lungs.

Dyson cyclones capture particles down to 0.5 microns (which includes pollen, mould and bacteria) and expels cleaner air.

Not only are you cleaning your floors, but you’re cleaning your air as well.

Did you know that your mattress will double it's weight every ten years due to dead skin, dust mites and other nasty things

Helpful hint: Don’t forget to vacuum your mattress as well. Did you know that your mattress will double it’s weight every ten years due to dead skin, dust mites and other nasty things? To prevent this, I recommend vacuuming your mattress and using a mattress protector.

Dyson DC78 Cinetic™ Animal | What It Comes With:

What you get with the Dyson DC78 Cinetic Turbinehead Animal

I was pleasantly surprised with just how many accessories I received with the Dyson DC78 Turbinehead Animal. I made a quick video and went over everything that comes with your Dyson Dc78.

Dyson DC78 Animal Manual
In reality the Dyson DC78 was ready to go right out of the box. I quickly snapped the hose in place and I was in business. There is a quick and easy to read “getting started guide” to make sure you put it together correctly.

Dyson DC78 Animal | Does It Work?

I was pretty impressed in the thirty seconds it took me to vacuum the area rug.

Does the Dyson DC78 Animal work You tell me. This vacuum is a dream and this is what I pulled out of my area rug in ONE try. Gross! The Bewitchin' Kitchen

This is just how much dirt I was able to get out of my little 5×7 area rug, that is seriously disgusting. I was incredibly shocked when I looked at the canister after my short vacuum. Yes, the rug was a little dirtier then normal (that’s to the extra snow and glitter) but I vacuum every two days and I was not expecting it to be this bad. Do you see the sand at the bottom? Sand, cat fur, dog fur, glitter and dirt. I can’t believe how much my last vacuum left behind.

Dyson Ball Technology:

The Dyson DC78 turns on a dime and is incredibly easy to maneuver around the house. There are two balls: one on the base and one on the Turbinehead attachment.

Other exciting features of the Dyson DC78 Cinetic™ Animal:

Exciting features of the Dyson DC78 Animal

Hygienic Bin: The hygienic bin is great, I like how easy it is to empty – just a push of a button and the bottom opens. Since I’m constantly vacuuming up cat and dog fur, it can get stuck on the sides and Dyson includes a little scraper so I don’t have to get my hands dirty.

Long Cord: In the past, a downside to previous Dyson’s was the short cord. I’m happy to say that the Dyson DC78 has eliminated that problem. The new cord has a long reach where I only have to switch outlets twice now to do my whole upstairs, this also prevents me from tugging on the cord and bending the prongs (surely I can’t be the only one out there who is guilty of that).

Dyson DC78 Groom Tool. The Dyson's groom tool acts as a brush and a vacuum. The Dyson groom tool removes hair directly from your dog – before it’s shed around the home. Collected hair is then sucked straight into the vacuum.

Groom Tool: This was the accessory I was the most excited for, but my little Chilli is too jumpy to let me try it out on him just yet. This tool doubles as a pet grooming brush and a clean up tool, as you brush your pet the Dyson sucks up the mess! No fur all over the house and an easy clean up after! I do plan on posting a video with my experience once my dog warms up to the vacuum.

Dyson DC78 Cinetic Turbinehead Vacuum

The Dyson DC78 Cinetic™ Turbinehead Animal offers a lot of features for one little (and compact) machine. Now that I have one, I couldn’t imagine using anything else.

Dyson Cinetic Upright Vacuum - this is the king of all vacuums and makes a great gift

I have an exciting announcement to share. Today (January 19) Dyson has released their Cinetic™ cyclone technology in an upright. So if you prefer to push your vacuum rather then pull, Dyson has you covered.

Both Cinetic™ versions are available on DysonCanada.ca and at all major retailers (the upright will be available outside the Dyson Canada website in February).

Get it on Amazon here.

Get it on Amazon Canada here.

24 comments on “Dyson DC78 Cinetic Turbinehead Animal”

  1. Great review…I will own a Dyson one day – just can’t afford one yet. We have 2 large furry dogs, three cats and two chinchillas. I vacuum every day. I know it’s not picking up what it should, and I know it’s releasing too much crap into the air…and both my daughter and I have asthma. I have been putting money away to buy myself one for a few years now, but something comes up (vet bills, vehicle bills etc) and my Dyson has to wait…one day though..I promise!

  2. We’re moving in March and the new house will be the first house in 12 years that WON’T have a vacuum system in it. I’m actually look at buying my first vacuum! It seems that Dyson should be first on my list. We have 4 kids and are going to get 2 kittens when we move in. YIKES! Need a good kid/pet vacuum!

    Would you say this model would be good for hard wood as well as carpet and tile? We’ve got all 3 in the new house.

    • Hey Tiffany. The only carpet I have in my house is the area rug and a little patch downstairs. The rest is laminate and ceramic tile, it works like a dream! I highly recommended this Dyson!

    • Thanks for sharing that. I was going to ask the same question. I have mostly hard wood floors and tile and one room with carpet. Does this dyson model just switch to floors with a push of a button like other models?

    • Good catch, I totally missed this in the review. I noticed on the turbinehead (which is the attachment I use the most) that there is a plate at the bottom the adjusts to the change of floors 🙂 No button to push – automatically does it for you.

  3. I need a new vacuum desperately and I was looking at a Dyson. Thanks for the recommendation on this one.

  4. I honestly can’t tell you whether I hate bags or filters more in vacuums. Ew. I would LOVE a vacuum that had neither… maybe a bit more vacuuming would be done if I didn’t have to worry about what it’ll cost me later (either more bags or icky washing/drying.) And I had NO IDEA about the mattress gaining weight thing, LOL. I am entirely going to start vacuuming my mattress now, ’cause again. Ew. We have a mattress cover, but I’m sure we could do more to keep our mattress in shape, thanks for the heads up! 🙂 And YAY for Cinetic™ now being in an upright vacuum; I can’t seem to hand the other version very well without wanting to throw it, heh.

    • As long as you have a quality mat. cover your mattress shouldn’t be too bad 🙂

      I agree bags and filters are a hassle and are gross. I love how easy this is!

  5. I have a Dyson and I love it. It’s the best!

  6. I would love one of these vacuums (as much as one could love a vacuum). It looks as if it does an excellent job, and cleaning up pet hair and toddler mess is a huge plus! Thanks for the review.

  7. I love that Dyson vacuums don’t need bags! This is a huge bonus for me. The DC78 sounds fabulous. I’m putting it on my wish list! Thanks for the tip about vacuuming my mattress. I’m doing that tomorrow!

  8. I have this vacuum and LOVE IT. With 3 cats, they shed enough to make another litter of cats. Since getting my Dyson, I’ve noticed such a huge difference. Worth every penny!

  9. Just to let everyone know, Sam’s club & Costco are offering great deals on dyson vacuums right now. My best friend just picked up one for $254 in NH at Sam’s Club and Costco here in Washington & Oregon have several different ones on sale.

  10. I have always heard Dyson has tremendous vaccums and I want to have one to rid myself of bugs and dirt please. Thank you.

  11. I would love this! With two cats, two dogs and two kids I could definitely use a new vacuum!

  12. DC 78 great vacuum had for 3+ years but the down sides are that you are constantly emptying it when vacuuming carpets also had the canister scraper brake easily due to build up off fluff that needs scraped from canister to remove.

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