Dyson Hot | Keeping You Warm This Winter

There are not too many people out there who have never heard of Dyson. I first heard of (and was intrigued with) Dyson through commercials, advertising their vacuums and claiming they do not loose suction. In July of 2010 I was thrilled when I first worked with Dyson and reviewed the Dyson Animal DC25 (you can click on the link to read the review). It was from that moment that I believed in Dyson and the strength and reliability behind their products.

There is no doubt about it now, it’s winter. Time for the harsh wind, cold limbs and high utility bills.
Here’s a well known fact about me, I’m cheap frugal. I do not like having my thermostat high, there is nothing I hate more then opening my natural gas bill to an unexpected surprise. Last year I had my furnace cranked to 80 and paid the price (literally).
I was sent the Dyson Hot AM04 to review and it has changed my winter lifestyle. I have seen the Dyson Hot before in stores and always wondered if they really worked well enough for the price tag. I’m a believer now. Here is a little information about the Dyson Hot from the Dyson Press site:
Conventional heaters have limited settings. Like a watched pot that never boils, they can’t always heat a whole room quickly. Meanwhile central heating is sometimes wasted on the whole house when you only need heat a room. Dyson Hot™ is engineered to heat the whole room faster than any other.
Dyson Hot™ can be set between 32 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit to heat a room. An intelligent thermostat keeps it there. Dyson Hot™ monitors the room temperature by measuring surrounding air. If a drop is detected, the heater turns back on to maintain the set temperature.
I have to be honest. When I first received the the Dyson Hot I had many doubts based on the fact that it was so small(it’s only twenty-two inches tall, not even two feet). Regardless, I plugged it in and was wowed from that moment on.
On the bottom of the Dyson Hot there is a power button, speed button, temperature button and a button that when it’s pushed it moves from left to right. It’s simple and easy to use. Right away I turned the temperature up to 33 and the Dyson Hot went straight to work. See those holes right above the base? That is where you surrounding air gets sucked in and projects your desired heat level through the blade-less fan.
I really like how safe I feel with the Dyson Hot. I have not once smelled anything burning (most heaters do products that smell and it worries me) and although the inside of the fan is hot, the outside surrounding shell is only warm to the touch. None of the heating elements are visible and if your little one (or curious cat) knocks it over, there is an automatic shut off once the machine is tipped.
I also like how direct (or in direct) it is, you can always set it for your personal needs. I, myself, don’t care for the warm air to be directed to me at all times so I take advantage of the side to side motion the Dyson has to offer. I currently have the Dyson hot on my end table and it’s positioning level wise is perfect, but if it was anything less-than I would be able to adjust it to meet my needs with the touch tilt.
One of my husbands favorite features? It has a remote. So when you’re as lazy as we are you can adjust your comfort from where you are. The neat thing about the remote is that it’s magnetic and fits onto the top of the Dyson Hot and stays put (it’s the only reason we haven’t lost it yet).
One more feature of the Dyson Hot that I would like to point out is that it’s a year round appliance. You can have the temperature a 0, turn the speed up and use it as a fan. Obviously, I haven’t been able to truly test this theory, but I have read about others doing it and having great results.
My living room isn’t huge (15×20), but it’s a fairly open space. The Dyson Hot keeps us comfortable and helps keep our natural gas bills down. Since I have received the Dyson Hot I have not had to turn my thermostat up to 80, it has stayed where I have had it all summer – 68. I never thought that something so little could save me so much money (my current bill is $50 less then last year).
For more information on the Dyson Hot and other products Dyson has to offer, visit the Dyson website.

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7 comments on “Dyson Hot | Keeping You Warm This Winter”

  1. I had no clue Dyson made this. Just a few weeks ago I needed to get several portable heaters because my furnace went, and couldn’t be fixed for a few days.

  2. We love our Dysons over here in the UK, our hoover is amazing. Although never heard of this product before today, thanks for introducing me to it !!

  3. i have never seen this before

  4. I had no idea Dyson made heaters! This one is pretty cool looking. Thanks for posting.

  5. If you could see me now, you’d see a mouth dropped wide open. We drop the temp down in the house while we’re gone and overnight, but one of these babies would be SO nice to have in the bedrooms! Had no idea they made these.


  6. This prodict is new to me but it looks amazing, great design!

  7. I love the portablity of this dyson, the other ones seem so cumbersome

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