Dopplers To Diapers Canadian Doppler Rental

Dopplers to Diapers is a Canadian company started by two mothers, Norah Miner and Karla Swan. The company provides Fetal Doppler rental (or purchase) for mothers-to-be and families across Canada. Fetal Dopplers allow parents and siblings to listen to the sound of the unborn baby’s heartbeat during pregnancy. Dopplers provide the opportunity for parents to connect with a new baby, to share the news and development with other children and family members, and provides assurance between visits with health care providers.

Norah and Karla decided to open this internet based business after using their own fetal dopplers to share the sounds of the new baby with their spouses, families and friends. They found the sound of the baby’s heartbeat both exciting and reassuring during pregnancy and they wished to offer other mothers and families the opportunity of home doppler use.
Today, I am officially twenty two weeks pregnant and it brings many emotions to the surface. In July 2009 I had a stillborn. I was almost 7 months pregnant, but the baby was only 22 weeks and because of what happened I have been a little bit of a wreck this pregnancy. The doctors have ran special tests and have done a couple screenings (all leading to the fact that I have a normal, healthy baby in there) but it’s Dopplers To Diapers that have kept me calm. 
I reviewed Dopplers to Diapers throughout November (and the beginning of December) and I am so thankful for that opportunity. Whenever I had a little bit (or a lot of) worry, my Canadian Doppler rental eased my mind. I would just check on the baby myself (not wait until I see my doctor once a month) and my worry would disappear as quickly as it showed up. That Doppler kept me sane.
It was so easy to use, I didn’t bother reading the instructions (I’m THAT person). I used the sonogram jelly that was provided and guided the doppler until I heard a heartbeat. It was so simple. The heartbeat was crystal clear, I was even able to record it for you all to hear.
Here is a recording I took last week at 20 weeks, 6 days:
To find Dopplers To Diapers rates or information on how to order please visit their website. They ship anywhere in Canada. (Shipping only takes two business days, I was amazed with how fast I received my rental.) When your rental is up it’s easy to ship the unit back, Dopplers To Diapers provides an Xpresspost envelope to make it easy and convenient.
Special Offer
10% off 1 or 2 month rental
20% off 3 or more month rental
When you mention The Bewitchin’ Kitchen or Randa when you place your order.

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8 comments on “Dopplers To Diapers Canadian Doppler Rental”

  1. Hey! I heard about this contest, and I thought it was a great idea! Moms all over Canada should know about Dopplers to Diapers.

    I told my boyfriend Erik about this and he thought it would be a great idea to rent one! Now this contest is here, I could surprise him!

    Hearing my Babies heart beat for the first time will be memorable moment, i would be so happy to be able to win this!

    Kelsey Gerow (thanks Randa!!)
    Houston BC, Canada

  2. Hello there. I just love your blog so I have passed the Kreativ Blog Award on to you. You can pick it up at my blog. There are a few requirements, but easy to do.

  3. You’re very welcome! You can post about any 10 things that people don’t know, whether it’s about your blog or soon to be baby, or pregnancy 🙂

  4. What a great giveaway item! I know so many moms get such peace of mind when they are worried about their baby, or just want to hear their baby. Awesome. 🙂

  5. Came by on the Friday Blog Hop…
    Following GFC and Google+

  6. I lost my first baby…no heart beat at my 8 wk visit…I listened to this doppler every single day when I was pregnant the second time…and just hearing that heartbeat was enough….

  7. What a great idea to be able to purchase or rent these out, the peace of mind every mum to be needs!!

  8. I know a family in need that I could help out with this . I am in Ontario, Can, near Pembroke.
    [email protected]

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