Baked Egg Stuffed Peppers

Whether you’re looking for breakfast recipes for camping or oven baked eggs for a healthy breakfast for every day, you’re going to love these easy egg stuffed peppers. Made with just two ingredients, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Easy egg stuffed peppers recipe

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Egg Stuffed Peppers

Egg stuffed peppers

For this breakfast, I created Cheese & Chive Egg Stuffed Peppers and Feta and Herb Egg Stuffed Peppers. It sounds like I did this with a lot of work, but all I did was shake, pour, cook, and serve thanks to Burnbrae Farms EGG Creations!

Not only are the EGG Creations! handy to have in my kitchen for quick and no fuss breakfasts, but they’re perfect to bring with you for camping and times where you need to pack food but save space.

Using liquid eggs to fill bell peppers for a healthy breakfast.

Not only do I love the space saving that the packaging provides (it’s nice to not always have to carry around or stack carton of eggs) but it tastes like I put effort into the dish (when I didn’t do a thing). The cheese and chive stuffed peppers I made for this egg bake recipe took no extra work other than opening the product and pouring. Not a fan of the flavour I’m sharing today?

It’s so easy to change the flavour of these baked eggs, simply switch the variety of the EGG Creations!

TBK’s Pro Tip: Freeze the EGG Creations cartons to help  keep your coolers cool for your drinks, food, etc while transporting. When you’re unpacked and organized, thaw the eggs and use it for cooking.

I grew up camping every weekend. Camping here in British Columbia is picturesque. We’re surrounded by provincial parks where each camping spot is private, thanks to the mature spruce, pine, and cedar trees. Our weekends were full of spending time with friends and family, tubing on the lake, fishing, and cooking with the hibachi and campfire. Some friends would have homemade campfire cookers, welded themselves with chains and pullies to have control over cooking with the flames. If we weren’t camping with those families, we used the simple grill that comes with the fire pit.

It’s been a few years since I’ve gone camping so in the recipe instructions I have the how-to for both the fire and baking eggs in the oven. This way you have options if you’re in a tent, travel trailer, or renting a cabin.

Oven baked eggs in a cast iron skillet

How to cook eggs over a fire

This egg bake recipe is crazy easy! Here is a quick how to on how to make it over the first for a healthy camping breakfast recipe. Camping doesn’t have to be chips and hot dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you don’t want it to be.

A healthy breakfast cooked in a cast iron pan.

For this particular recipe, there are two ways you can do this:

  1. Wrap the stuffed peppers with foil and place on the grill over a fire. You’ll have to check the doneness of the egg every few minutes as each fire varies. This is a great option if you don’t have any cast iron or campfire approved pans to cook with and if you don’t mind your peppers being soft (they will soften up).
  2. Place the egg stuffed peppers in an oiled casted iron pan and tent with foil. Cook until eggs are firm.

More liquid egg recipes that you may enjoy!

Container Counts

By popular demand, I am now offering the container counts for the Ultimate Portion Fix. I’ll be slowly updating all my recipes so you can use my recipes for Beachbody programs like 21 Day Fix, 80 Day Obsession, Liift4, and more.

Here are the counts for this creamy scallops recipe:

Full recipe: 5 green, 5 red,

Per serving: 1 green, 1 red.

Baked Eggs in Peppers

Eggs baked inside bell peppers

Note: The nutritional information below does not include the optional toppings and garnishes. You really don’t need them since there are cheese and chives in the Cheese & Chive variety, I did it to be fancy for the photos.

Speaking of nutrition: if you’re following 21 Day Fix, Liift4, or any Beachbody portion fix container programs, each egg is 1 red and 1 green (if you add cheese, just use a blue).

TBK’s Pro Tip: Check the eggs at 20 minutes and then see if they need to go longer. The cooking times will vary depending on the size and height of the bell pepper.

Easy egg stuffed peppers recipe
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Egg Stuffed Peppers

These egg stuffed peppers are crazy easy! Just two ingredients (plus optional toppings) for a low bar, keto, paleo breakfast that could also be a Whole30 brunch! It’s so simple it even works for a camping breakfast recipe!
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword egg stuffed peppers, stuffed peppers
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 5
Calories 157kcal


  • 5 bell peppers
  • 1 carton of Burnbrae Farms EGG Creations!
  • Optional: cheese and chives for topping


Oven Instructions

    Preheat oven to 375

    • Slice the tops off the bell peppers and scoop out the ribs and seeds.
    • Pour the Burnbrae Farms EGG Creations! of your choice into the pepper (I used Fat Free Cheese & Chive).
    • If desired, top with additional cheese (I used a mixed cheddar) and chives if you want them to look a little fancy.
    • Bake for 30 minutes, or until egg mixture is solid.

    Campfire Instructions

    • Wrap the stuffed peppers with foil and place on the grill over a fire. You’ll have to check the doneness of the egg every few minutes as each fire varies. This is a great option if you don’t have any cast iron or campfire approved pans to cook with and if you don’t mind your peppers being soft (they will soften up).OR
    • Place the egg stuffed peppers in an oiled casted iron pan and tent with foil. Cook until eggs are firm.


    Weight Watcher Freestyle: 1 points. 1 SmartPoint per “pepper” when no additional cheese is added

    Container Counts

    Full recipe: 5 green, 5 red,
    Per serving: 1 green, 1 red.


    Serving: 1pepper | Calories: 157kcal | Carbohydrates: 12.2g | Protein: 23.7g | Fat: 1.4g | Saturated Fat: 0.4g | Cholesterol: 15.9mg | Sodium: 736.1mg | Fiber: 6.3g | Sugar: 6.3g
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    Egg stuffed peppers

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      I am obsessed. I Wish mine came out this pretty! I’ve tried this before with a Whole30 twist using just eggs, peppers, and some spices!

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      My new favorite recipe is chopped sweet peppers,red onion, cooked bacon pieces, Egg Creations whole eggs & sharp cheddar cheese. lightly saute peppers & onions, add bacon pieces , cook for another minute to heat bacon pieces. Add Egg Creations, sprinkle with salt & pepper, pop into 350 degree oven for 3-5 minutes, just until set, top with cheese, return to oven to melt cheese. Serve with sliced tomatoes & toast.

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      Its not as healthy, but boy is it yummy

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    56. I’m going to try this Egg Stuffed Peppers recipe at home too. We usually make omelets because you can put peppers and onions in them and also ham, sausage and bacon so it’s a complete breakfast in one skillet except for the coffee and toast.

    57. Scrambled eggs and bacon. Yummy. 

    58. We love making homemade egg mcmuffins! Only catch is they have to be GF as I am a Celiac! Thankfully there are GF English muffins and we can source farm fresh eggs, bacon and cheese from all the farmers that surround us in the small town that we live in!

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    60. I like making omelets because they have everything in them like peppers, onions ham, sausage or bacon and cheese. All you need to add is toast and coffee.

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    65. If we do eggs camping it’s still over a burner in a pan, scrambled.

    66. I like to make my own breakfast sandwiches, wrap them in tinfoil then heat on the campstove.

    67. Scrambled in a cast iron pan over the fire.

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      Looks so good!!

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    71. scrambled eggs are always the easiest

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    73. Great recipe!! I love to make scrambled eggs with mushrooms and bacon when camping!

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    75. Just a simple fried egg sandwich on a toasted english muffin.  Easy, not cutlery, and portable.  

    76. I definitely like making scrambled eggs when camping. Tasty and easy!

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    78. I do love adding peppers to scrambled eggs – but this is taking it to a whole new level! Yum!

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    81. I have no creativity. When we go camping we just buy cartons of pre mixed eggs. Will have to try this recipe for sure

    82. The only way I have had eggs while camping so far is fried in a pan, thanks for the inspiration!

    83. Hard boiled eggs prepared before the trip and kept in the cooler bag for when the hunger bug bites.

    84. My favourite breakfast when camping is fried eggs and bacon! I love eggs 🙂

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    88. I have always simply hardboiled eggs, boiled potatoes, and used those to make a potato salad with of course, fresh mayo with the other eggs.

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    93. SIMPLE Scrambled eggs

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    101. Scrambled Eggs because if it starts out as a Omelet or Eggs Over Easy & you have problems it ends up as Scrambled Eggs. LOL.

    102. We usually cook over an open fire… or the bbq… depends who’s doing the cooking lol!!! For our family scrambled or poached eggs on toast (if we’re able to)…

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    104. Dunker eggs! Soft-boiled eggs with the tops cut off so you can dip thin pieces of toast. Love eggs while camping!! 🙂

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    116. Skillet scrambled eggs with Tabasco sauce!

    117. I like a hash of potatoes , bacon and scrambled eggs made over the fire. Yum! Thanks

    118. We keep things pretty simple while camping. For eggs we like to always have hard boiled for snacking and in sandwiches as well as making fried or scrambled in the pan over the fire or on the cookstove.

    119. egg salad sandwiches

    120. Scrambled eggs with bacon is my favourite.

    121. Scrambled eggs with feta, red pepper, onions and spinach but this may become my new favorite! Thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway

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    123. I like to do egg in a hole for camping breakfasts. It’s quick and easy but my five year old thinks it’s a special treat that only happens when we’re camping.

    124. We like scrambled eggs when camping.

    125. My favourite egg camping recipe is scrambled eggs with bacon!

    126. i’m plain…. just scrambled eggs. nothing adventurous here lol

    127. Scrambled eggs. They are easy and delicious!

    128. My favourite egg camping recipe is an egg and ham on an English muffin. My husband makes them every weekend at the cottage.

    129. 5 stars
      I love omeletes with bacon and chives. they are so yummy and nutritious.

    130. Our favourite egg camping recipe is scrambled eggs with sausages.

    131. Boiled eggs, omlette, or poached are all great.

    132. 5 stars
      My favourite camping breakfast is hash brow potatoes with easy over eggs – add toasted bread over a fire and you will enjoy it!

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      Scrambled eggs with LOTS of butter, fresh cracked pepper, grated OLD cheddar… this is my personal favourite way to have my eggs… nothing fancy, but delicious!!

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      We love scrambled eggs, especially kids

    136. I definitely like to keep it classic! Breakfast sandwiches is the way to go. Egg, cheese and tomato. Yummy!

    137. good old fashioned pan scramble with egg, sausage bits, cheese, and hash browns

    138. Scrambled eggs with salsa is our camping go to breakfast.

    139. Western Omelets are our favourite egg camping recipe.

    140. My favourite recipe to make is scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, chives, and red pepper.

    141. This looks really yummy! I will definitely try this!

    142. Scrambled eggs and bacon is my family favourite.2

    143. Whipping up my life time favourite *French Toast* …..good anywhere! Thank you! 🙂

    144. Kids love scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese ans sausage on english muffins. Yum!

    145. scrambled eggs with bacon bits and cheese

    146. We make omelettes. I premake a filling and put in jars.

    147. There is nothing better than waking up to French toast made with thick slices of bread and egg mixture, served with pork sausages and real maple syrup….my camping favorite!

    148. When i csmp, it’s just a basic scramblr with fresh herbs from the garden.

    149. My favorite egg camping recipe is my french omelet, the family loves it!

    150. Cooking over the fire while camping is the best!!!! Cooking scrambled eggs is the eaistedt because you can throw so much into them to make them taste that much better lol I love putting bacon or sausage, cheese and some crispy hash browns in mine 🙂

    151. i Can’t remember what they are called, but we call them sandwich squishes, haha! They are those things you hold over the fire and put a slice of bread in them, then you put an egg, cooked bacon, chives, cheese, peppers and salt and pepper, put another slice of bread on top, close it and hold over the fire. Soooo good!

    152. I love over easy eggs with bacon and/or sausage 🙂

    153. I make scrambled eggs with diced peppers and bacon and green onions mixed in, delicious!

    154. I’ve never made eggs while camping but these sound great!

    155. Doing omelettes are my go to. I can have veggies ready and cheese shredded and there I go…

    156. My favorite Camp Site recipe is Canned Westerns, We reuse a soup can often and put all ingredients in the can over the open flame. Always comes out great, just make sure you add some bacon grease or other grease to allow the eggs to come out.

    157. Scrambled Eggs with Bannock.

    158. 4 stars
      Eggs easy over, crisp bacon, beans and fried potatoes, with fire cooked toast on the side. Nothing tastes better when camping!

    159. We love stuffed peppers. My kids like green peppers most. I find that odd since they are not as sweet as red, yellow or orange.

    160. Usually we make fried eggs and put them on a bun and add toppings (meat or cheese or tomato).

    161. bacon and eggs basted with pan fries

    162. 5 stars
      Home fries with bacon and eggs and garlic toast. ymmm Everything tastes great when you are camping in the great outdoors <3

    163. Scrambled eggs with potatoes and onions

    164. Sauteed hash browns, peppers, with scrambled eggs and diced bacon.

    165. We fry up chopped bacon until crispy, drain the grease, scramble fry eggs in with the bacon pieces and then mix in fresh green onions. We put that mixture into fresh buns and top with a cheese slice if we have it.

    166. Yum!! My fave camping eggs are classic, cheesy scrambled. 

    167. We usually make fried egg sandwiches using biscuits but I can hardly wait to upgrade to your recipe!

    168. I have no favourite camping egg recipe at present but would certainly take along Burnbrae Farms EGG Creations next outing and come up with one using the Bewitchin Kitchen one.

    169. My favourite camping eggs are a simple fried egg on toast with lots of ketchup

    170. scrabbled eggs and toast 

    171. I always do the good old fried eggs and bacon breakfast when camping

    172. we love scramble eggs with ham and cheese. its healthy and very delicious

    173. When we camp we make egg muffins by cooking eggs and using English muffins with a slice of bacon.

    174. We have a griddle that we can put right over a campfire and do pancakes and bacon&eggs, but I think I would really like to try these stuffed peppers

    175. So easy, a definite keeper

    176. i love making scrammbled eggs

    177. We make easy breakfast wraps by scrambling eggs and rolling them in tortillas. Each person can add their choice of cheese, tomatoes, bacon, peppers, etc.

    178. I love making omelettes!

    179. My favourite camping egg recipe are scrambled eggs. Can’t go wrong with a classic recipe!

    180. I like scrambred egg. Thank you for the kindness, the contest, and generosity

    181. Looks so yummy!

    182. I love camping and enjoy some downtime for myself – I premake egg creations egg muffins with bacon and red pepper, green onion and assorted cheeses

    183. Sweet pepper & bacon omelet go over easy 🙂 with everyone though we have no complaints for classic sunny side up or over easy eggs with herb biscuits baked on coals and dad’s pea meal bacon.

    184. A basic sunny-side up egg…and some hunks of crunchy bread to sop up the egg yolk.

    185. Scrambled eggs! I scramble them before we leave so it’s an easy meal that I know my kids will love. 

    186. We use the coals from the campfire we made the night before, and stir them up the next morning. Lay a cookie sheet on the coals, butter it, and fry your eggs! It’s the best egg ever!

    187. I love fried eggs and bason when camping. Easy and classic..

    188. For breakfast we have fried eggs and home fried potatoes with onions.

    189. Hash browns, fried eggs with bacon is our camping favourite breakfast. Simple, delicious and it holds them until lunchtime.

    190. Scrambled eggs on toast is my favourite camping recipe.

    191. I haven’t gone camping in years, but my favourite was just a sunny-side up fried egg with salt and pepper, served with back bacon–delicious!

    192. Scrambled eggs with bacon and toast is my favourite camping breakfast 

    193. The old stand by, scrambled eggs and bacon.

    194. We love making egg, cheese, bacon on an english muffin sometimes with tomato…very filling! Love this recipe for the Egg Stuffed Peppers!

    195. Egg scrambler with bacon sausage and hashbrowns all in one cast iron pan!

    196. camping omelets, smush a egg in a zipper baggie add chopped onion mushroom and cheese and boil til cooked, easy to do and easy cleanup

    197. Definitely an egg scramble…super easy, and quick to make on a camp stove.

    198. We enjoy omelettes with bits of bacon, onion and mash rooms with bagels! 

    199. Omelet in a baggie! Best girl guide recipe ever! 🙂

    200. I always have peppers on hand. buy the bag of colourful peppers at Costco. These would be loved by my family who often camp. Everything we like in one dish, eggs, peppers and cheese. Thank You!

    201. I have never been camping

    202. 4 stars
      i like to premake omlettes in a bag.. scramble eggs, add ingredients like green peppers, spices, ham,bacon, shredded cheeses. then at camping just pour and make the omlette!

    203. Boiled eggs are what we like when camping but those egg stuffed peppers look delicious.

    204. Bacon & eggs in a cast iron skillet.

    205. My favorite is good ole fashion bacon and eggs.

    206. While camping scrambled was always a favourite, also birds nests but with roasted potato instead of bread.

    207. my fave is the simple poached egg. just drop egg into pot of water simmering over the fire

    208. 4 stars
      scrambled eggs

    209. scrambled with pre-shredded cheese

    210. My favourite is fried eggs with bacon of course.

    211. 5 stars
      Veggie and cheese omelette

    212. 3 stars
      egg stuffed peppers are amazing love them

    213. 5 stars
      Love sunny side up eggs 

    214. 5 stars
      I just love bacon and scrambled eggs when camping

    215. I love to make Breakfast burgers with biscuits, sausage rounds, burnbrae liquid egg cooked in a castiron pan to make the cute round egg patty, sometimes I even grate cheese into the egg mixture, some s and p and you’re good to go!

    216. There is something about plain grilled eggs over a campfire that is simply the best.

    217. Simple fried eggs with toast!

    218. Just scrambled eggs over the fire!

    219. I love to add stuff peppers so much that I eat. It goes great with so much. Scrambled eggs when going camping are so great as well.

    220. Scrambled because it’s so easy!! Sometimes we add cheese too!

    221. Scrambled eggs fried in the hole cut into bread which toasts the bread while the egg cooks.

    222. We love toasted western sandwiches (for dinner!). Cut bacon into small pieces and fry. Add chopped onion and red pepper and cook until onion is tender. Pour Burnbrae Farms EGG Creations over the bacon and onion mixture and cook, stirring often, until eggs are cooked. Toast bread over the fire on a wire rack, butter and top with cooked egg mixture. Add ketchup (if desired).

    223. Eggs are the best when camping!!!

    224. for an active family, nothing beats a basket of hard boiled eggs in our electric frig/cooler in the truck – handy to open and grab before an activity. They are tasty and a great source of protein for sustained energy.

    225. I like things nice and easy when I go camping, so I make a whole bunch of hardboiled eggs. Sometimes I splurge and make devilled eggs, which are always a hit in our family.

    226. I like hard boiled eggs when camping. I make up a dozen or more at home to make things easier when we get to the camp site

    227. I love pre-scrambling the eggs before we go, to make easy omelets camping mornings!

    228. Looks Great!

    229. My favorite camping recipe is to cook everything using one pan. Fry up some bacon, remove and chop into small pieces. In same pan cook hash browns, remove from pan and scramble some eggs. Put bacon and hash browns back into pan with scrambled eggs. Season and ready to serve!

    230. I an going to try this recipe next weekend!

    231. When camping, I like things easy. I hard boil a dozen or more eggs, and that is breakfast. If I feel adventurous, I’ll make devilled eggs

    232. 4 stars
      I love to cook with eggs because they are so versatile and inexpensive protein. Excellent recipe, really enjoyed it.

    233. Great recipe really enjoyed making it, very tasty.

    234. just plain old scrabbled eggs

    235. Ours is plain old scrambled eggs with Bacon. My daughters would love this recipe though.


    237. I think BBQ eggs and bacon and campfire toast are unbeatable!

    238. Fried egg – over easy is my favourite

    239. For camping, I like to make over easy eggs with fried fish

    240. I like scrambled.

    241. Always scrambled when camping – but maybe not after trying these!

    242. I like scrambled eggs with toast done over the fire.

    243. thanks for the awesome recipe for breakfast while camping. we are heading off in 2 weeks for our first trip in our new RV ! 

    244. Cast iron pan fried eggs and campfire toast can’t be beat!!

    245. 5 stars
      So we bring a grill when we go and we just do reg bacon and eggs every moring when we camp

    246. Eggs frying over a campfire is a must! with potatoes, onions, peppers, cheese… oh yeah

    247. What a great idea for a brunch for a crowd

    248. scrambled eggs!

    249. Love campfire scrambled eggs and sausages.

    250. My favorite is cheesy scrambled eggs!

    251. This recipe looks tasty and easy to make. Can hardly wait to try it !

    252. I like simple scrambled eggs and bacon

    253. I love a hot skillet, fry the bacon first, pour out most of the grease and then throw some eggs and cheese into the pan. The little bit of bacon grease gives it an extra bit of saltiness that is delightful.

    254. I love fried eggs and bacon when camping! So great cooking outside 🙂

    255. When camping I love to mix the eggs in with the bacon.

    256. We love Burnbrae Farms EGG Creations for camping becasue they are SO much easier to pack. Normally my husband makes the breakfast and they always include eggs- scrambled, fried , omelets or in a breakfast sandwich!

      We just bought a tent trailer so I have this recipe saved! We love to cook and love to make great foods over a fire or on the Coleman stove! These look yummy for a camp breakfast or even for guests for brunch!

    257. Usually scrambled eggs. It’s nearly fool proof. LOL

    258. we like plain ole fried eggs,with butter,salt and pepper with toast

    259. I like Ranchero scrambled eggs for camping. A mix of green onions, bell peppers, nacho chips, tomatoes, topped off with salsa and sour cream.

    260. We love making scrambled eggs and sausages in a cast iron pan over a campfire.

    261. We usually make scrambled eggs.

    262. Egg wraps with sautéed peppers, onions, mushrooms and salsa #YUM

    263. 4 stars
      We do scrambled eggs, when camping, with whatever else might be around (diced ham, onions, cheese)

    264. The Pepper and Egg are both my love, this egg stuffed pepper fits me perfectly

    265. egg creations in peppers sounds great. lots of colour and definitely a tasty change from eggs cooked in a frying pan full of bacon grease.

    266. I love scrambled eggs when I am camping. Easy and tasty.

    267. While camping we used to just fried eggs and bacon

    268. Wow, this receipt is so easy, can use it to replaced the old time scrambled eggs

    269. I love scrambled egg mix with the sour cream

    270. We always just bring along a pan and do then over the fire , western / scrambled , never to many just a few veggies and some cheese added , but it always tastes so good on the fire like that ! 

    271. i cook eggs in hot water on the fire, its great.

    272. MY favourite is cooking scrambled eggs in the pan that just cooked the bacon. 

    273. What a clever idea.  I like to cook my eggs scrambled with a bunch of chopped up veggies and saracha sauce when camping

    274. Love good ol scrambled eggs when camping with bacon. Best over the campfire.

    275. Bacon and eggs are so awesome when we go camping. We love eggs done any way possible but one of my favorites is to make quiche and cook it over the grill in a tinfoil pan covered with tin foil. It’sjust so delicious!

    276. I’ve never made eggs while camping.

    277. Plain out scrambled eggs with cheese.

    278. Wow! That really looks amazing. Eggs are great sources of protein so it is really good for bodybuilding. I will definitely try this recipe at home. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    279. When I was a kid, camping with dad & bro, my dad was “king of the breakfast”. Eggs fried in bacon fat !! Sunny side up, crispy bacon, fried tomatoes, & toast to dip in yolk. I don’t drive, so no more camping for me. Miss those days.

    280. We love to have french toast.  It’s a good way to use stale bread.

    281. Scrambled eggs!

    282. We love doing ommletts in a ziplock bag. Everyone makes their own and even my youngest can do it.

    283. I love frittata. Eggs, potatoes and onions.

    284. Our family enjoys eggs in “egg mcmuffins”. We use a croissant for the bun, add a fried egg, ham and cheese.  

    285. This looks so yummy! I love to eat eggs on the weekend

    286. we go pretty simple – scrambled eggs

    287. Easiest thing to do is pre-make egg salad and save it in Tupperware and put in in the cooler for easy sandwiches all weekend!!

    288. We like to make eggy french toast over the campfire.

    289. we would freeze the liquid eggs to keep them fresh and to help keep the other food cold.

      then, we would just enjoy scrambled eggs, or an omelet made on the camp stove. everything tastes better when outdoors!

    290. great recipe to try

    291. My favourite is scrambled eggs topped with cheddar cheese for camping.

    292. I like my egg fried sunny side up with bacon.

    293. Toad in the hole is fun to make on a camping trip.

    294. 5 stars
      I love my eggs sunny side up

    295. Scrambled eggs and bacon, cooked in a cast iron pan, with some herbs tossed in, and cheese if there is some available. I am going to try the stuffed peppers too.

    296. 3 stars
      These were super easy to make!

    297. I would like to try egg stuffed peppers.

    298. Our favourite camping breakfast with eggs is French Toast!!

    299. 4 stars
      I love my eggs scrambled

    300. i love bringing pickled eggs camping

    301. scrambled eggs with cheese in a skillet

    302. Good old scrambled eggs.

    303. We like to make scrambled eggs with fresh mushroom, tomato, peppers, sausage and cheese

    304. love the original recipies

    305. eggs, veggies and potatoes

    306. Scrambled eggs with salsa is our favorite.

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