Learn How to Meal Plan

Today is the day! The day I’m sharing what I’ve been working on for months, it’s The Meal Planning Method, where I show you how to meal plan.

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How to Meal Plan

I talk about meal planning a lot, but I always just assumed that everyone else did it as well (or knew how).

I had a few of you email and ask for further instructions on meal planning from a few of mosts and then it hit me.

I need to create a space where I can teach you all how to meal plan.

Thus, The Meal Planning Method was born.

Today The Meal Planning Method officially launches and I am freaking out with excitement (and maybe a little bit of nervousness).

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How do you learn about meal planning?

I know it seems simple but meal planning is more than just writing down dinner ideas.

…and even if it was just dinners, there can be a lot of overwhelm surrounding it.

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I put together 11 easy to follow modules that go from prepping for meal planning, meal planning both digitally and pen to paper, and even meal planning to reach health goals.

Everybody is different and not every meal plan works for that person.

This is why it’s hard when you download a generic meal plan and why most people fall off “the wagon”. You need to customize it to yourself.

What you’ll learn with the Meal Planning Method

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In The Meal Planning Method, I’ll teach you:

  • WHY you should be meal planning
  • WHAT you should know before you start TIPS on planning around picky eaters and if you’re eating differently from the rest of the household.
  • WHAT meals you should be planning
  • WHAT supplies you should have (both digital and manual)
  • HOW to meal plan using your phone/computer or manually with pen and paper
  • HOW to organize your grocery list
  • After you know how I’ll then show you some PROGRAMS that DO THE WORK FOR YOU
  • Quick Meal Plan Ideas for BUSY NIGHTS!

Plus you have some awesome bonuses:

  1. The Healthy Grail Health and Fitness Planner – retails for $10, you get it free.
  2. 42 Healthy Snack Ideas eBook – $10, yours free.
  3. Support and live coaching through the Facebook group

How much does The Meal Planning Method cost?

The Meal Planning Method is currently $29.

That’s it.

You’ll save that from the groceries you don’t waste in ONE SHOP! At a price this low, this is a no brainer.

Need more info?

Head over here to watch the video I made or

Free Weekly Meal Planner Download

learn how to meal plan

FREE Recipe Binder

Are you constantly wondering what's for dinner?

When I don't meal plan I feel behind, and we usually end up ordering take out. This recipe binder will keep you organized and make life a little bit easier.

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